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How to Avoid Issues while Preparing GST Documentations?

Registering your company for GST can be beneficial under any circumstances. One of them is being able to recover any type of GST that you might have paid on company expenses. If you are not taking help from a GST consultant in Hyderabad at the moment, you should be aware of the issues that might occur with your GST documentations.

Here are some tips that can help you avoid mistakes while dealing with GST documentations.

Generating Bills

It’s a common mistake when companies forget to issue separate bills for their sister companies when making a payment on their behalf. Every time payment like that is supposed to happen, they need to generate a separate bill with your name on the same amount.

If it’s a common occurrence when you check your expenses, then you should definitely request for invoices with the correct name on them. in most cases, all you need to do is explain what the problem is and ask for a new bill with the correct name of the business.


Having incorrect names on the invoices is really common. But when trying to claim an input tax credit with a wrong name, claims can easily be denied due to the error. Sometimes the mistake can even be as close as misspelling the name. If the same has occurred with your business, it’s important that you request a new bill with the right credentials on them. This should help you avoid situations where claims are denied.

Another scenario of this error is when an individual who requests an invoice isn’t registered for GST at all. In this case, the claim simply becomes invalid and it is rejected. This might be one of the most common mistakes apart from misspelling that people have to face.

Even if the person paid their GST amount, if they aren’t registered for the same, they can’t make the tax credit claim. Make sure you have registered yourself before you make the claim for the tax credit.


With mistakes come penalties, if you have made mistakes with your GST claims, then there is a very high chance that it will get denied. And you will also not get any refund. And you will also have to face fine charges for false claims. This fine tends to be much higher than other kinds of fine. This is why it’s important that you check everything before making a claim like that.

For people who made the mistake for the first time, they might be able to walk away without fines but repeated mistakes will always lead to dealing with a hefty amount of fines.


In some cases, where you recognize that you have some kind of mistake in your claim, you should immediately make a voluntary disclosure about the same expressing about the mistake. In such cases, there is a high chance that you might get the fine reduced.


People tend to have a belief that GST documentation isn’t actually a major issue as its made to be, but when they have to deal with fines and penalties up to 200 percent, they realize their mistakes.

This is why you should always take care of these details. Always inspect your paperwork before you go ahead and make claims to tax credits. Double-check all the aforementioned points and make sure that nothing is out of the place.

Start with registering yourself if you haven’t yet. Refer to taxations services in Hyderabad if you just starting out and need help. These services will help you do all the necessary work.

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