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How to Celebrate My Anniversary in Delhi

Celebrating Anniversary at Top Venues

If you are in Delhi for your anniversary, then the best thing you can do is…everything. Jokes apart, the options are in multitudes and it can most likely happen that you are spoilt for choice.

It is always nice to plan from before so that you can get your tickets, reservations, and planning done, as the case may be.

While we fully acknowledge that every couple is different and that everyone’s idea of celebrating their anniversary is different, there are a few things that remain common-love, affection, and they want to spend time together.

Be it with a quiet, lowkey dinner in a nice restaurant or a full-blown party in a banquet hall with guests that include your family and friends, there are couples of all kinds. And each of them wishes to celebrate this benchmark their own way.

That is why at Sloshout, we offer people multiple options so that you and your beau can choose what reverberates the most with you. Is it that pretty brunch place you have been eyeing for long, or is it the Dj you wish to dance to in your favorite club? Or od you wish to include your closest family and friends in this lovely occasion? We’ll leave the size, vibe, and the budget of the party to you so that you can rely on us for the rest.

If you are wondering ‘how to plan my anniversary in Delhi’, then we have some foolproof ideas for you, along with the venues that do full justice to it. Starting from anniversary party venues in North Delhi to South Delhi, we have it all.

The romantic dinner

Some things are classy and classic for a reason. It is because they have been tried and tested over decades and still have been able to retain their charm and work like magic when it comes to impressing someone. If your goal is the same as your girlfriend or your wife, you can always try the romantic dinner which always does the trick. The only thing you have to make sure when it comes to acing this is ensuring you have chosen the right venue for this to go well. Here are some of our suggestions when romantic dinners in Delhi are concerned:

Sevilla The Claridges

Amazing Spanish themed restaurant with food that leaves your palette tantalized every time. The décor is unparalleled and provides the perfect setting for candle-light dinners. Their wine collection is also worth taking note of.

Music & Mountains – Hillside Café

Located in Greater Kailash 1, this place is ideal for those who love the feel of the mountains. You can now get it right in the heart of Delhi at this cozy little place which has some of the best burgers you will taste. The vibe if just so romantic that it takes literally nothing else for it to turn up the good vibes in the place so that couples can have a great time with each other.

Olive Bar and Kitchen

Romantic places for anniversary celebrations in Delhi have one failsafe address every time, and it is the Olive Bar and Kitchen. With as impressive a décor as its menu, the place never fails to surprise and impress. With a highly cordial staff and an intensely infectious vibe, it is hard to resist yourself coming here even if it’s not your anniversary!

Farmhouses for a house party

There’s nothing like snatching some quality time with your beau and enjoying a couple of days of the uninterrupted company in absolute silence and peace. While that comes easily and naturally with a holiday, both of you might well have office commitments you can’t roll yourself out of. In such a case, take advantage of the weekend to plan something super special for your beau. Make them a super cute brunch in a lawn, or fire up a bonfire during the night, all this is in the gorgeous and spacious farmhouses in the city. There are also ample banquet halls that serve as apt anniversary party venues in Moti Nagar. Clearly, the options are endless here and hence, there is something in store for everyone here. Following are some of our favorite house party venues that are worth checking out:

Farmhouse 1020

This farmhouse in Chatarpur is for those couples who like to have the company of their closest, possibly a couple of friends. Double dating is fun. But what’s more, fun is celebrating your friend’s anniversary as well. Farmhouse 1020 has a stunning pool, super spacious rooms, and a very modern yet classic appeal to it that is absolutely inimitable. Not to mention, there are no restrictions on playing music overnight or smoking, so that no one puts caps on your grand celebrations.

Sainik Farms Villa 1004

It can’t be that you live in Delhi and you don’t know about Sainik farms. If you are an outsider, Sainik Farms offers a handful of the absolute best in class properties in all of Delhi. It is posh, sophisticated, and absolutely conducive to high-end parties. If that’s the kind you wish to throw for your grand 25th-anniversary celebration with your wife/husband, then Sainik farms are the place to go for. There’s no fretting about the space or the luxurious on offer here. All you need to care about is having fun at your own house party!

Go ahead and make that grand gesture of love to your loved one with a party meant to awe and stun. We have got your back when it comes to planning the most memorable bash with anniversary parties in west Delhi that are the best in its kind. You will also find anniversary parties in GT Karnal Road, amongst thousands of other venues in the city.

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