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How To Change An Dirt Bike Air Filter?

Replacing the oil filter is one of the main maintenance procedures for a motorcycle . It is also one of the easiest things we can do to keep our motorcycle in good condition. Proper and regular replacement of the oil filter brings many benefits to the “health” of the engine of our motorcycle. His regular change should not be underestimated. It is as important as changing the oil .

Properly selected filter ensures productive engine operation. That is why it is recommended to change Dirt Bike Air  filter in a professional service.

When we delay changing the oil filter and continue to drive with used oil, this can lead to damage to the engine components , premature wear of the turbocharger and rotation of the connecting rod bearings. And repairing engine damage in most cases is expensive.

What are oil filters for?

Oil filters are located in internal combustion engines. Their task is to capture harmful contaminants that enter the lubrication system from the environment or those that have formed in the engine during operation.

Oil filters block the remains of unburned fuel , metal particles, dust from the air, oxidation products. They also affect the performance of the engine and what its performance will be. Changing the oil filter is necessary when changing the oil . It is a relatively easy procedure for most mechanics.

When we do not change the oil filter in time, it clogs and disrupts the engine . When our oil filter is clogged, the oil will not be purified properly and it will be led to the engine under high pressure. A clogged oil filter also leads to poor lubrication of engine parts. From there, it wears out quickly, and its power gradually decreases.

Proper operation of our motorcycle is an essential condition for ensuring long life and trouble-free operation of the engine in different situations. Regular replacement of the oil filter reduces mechanical engine wear and friction. Regular maintenance can save us any problems in the future. The service is performed for a certain period. It is recommended to change the oil filter on average every 6 months or 5000 km.

This task is not very complicated and can be performed by any fan of motorcycles with sufficient experience and knowledge who has the necessary tools for repair. The set of tools is important because a special wrench, for example, is needed to develop a winding filter . Of course, entrusting our car to a professional is a guarantee that the repair will be done properly.

If you do not have the necessary experience and tools for this repair, it is better to trust professionals. The professional workshops have special facilities where waste oils are stored according to the requirements.

Regular oil filter changes as well as oil changes are important to keep our motorcycle in good condition. When we carefully select the oil and change our oil filter in time, our engine will have good protection and will be damaged less often.

There are two types of oil filters

Mechanical filters

Contaminants are blocked when the oil passes through the barrier, which is made of porous filtration material.

Filters with partitions

They remove dirt from the oil by centrifugal forces or gravity.

The most popular type of oil filters are those that have the properties of both mechanical and barrier . They are made with a filtration barrier and components that create a force field. They are in the form of a filler , which is a submersible filter. They come ready for installation in the oil filter housing. The winding filters, in turn, are wound around the housing.

One of the important things we need to know when changing the oil is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and know what type of oil has been used before in the engine.

Mixing different oils is not recommended . We must not forget that it is important to check the oil level in the crankcase regularly . It is advisable to check the oil level once a month.

Steps on how to change the motorcycle oil and washable air filter:

1. We need to prepare a suitable place to stop our motorcycle on a central, side or rear stand  and take all the necessary tools.

2. We need to remove the plastic parts that are located around the engine. Most motorcycle models are equipped with a small set of tools under the seats to disassemble these parts.

If there is no such, we take our own set of tools and choose the appropriate screwdriver or hexagon with which to unscrew the bolts supporting the spoilers to the frame. It is important to keep all bolts, brackets and all fasteners until we need to put them back on.

3.     Unscrew the engine oil cap to drain the engine oil. For this purpose we can use the pliers type beaks.

4. Place a container under the engine to drain the contaminated oil. We take the ratchet to remove the plug, which is located on the underside of the engine. Here we must be careful, because the oil can be warm and spill. Dispose of used oil at a hazardous waste recycling site .

5. Remove and replace the gasket with a new one. The gasket is a copper or aluminum disk that helps drain the oil from the plug and its task is to deform under pressure. It is changed every time the oil is changed.

6. Clean the plug. Its tip is usually magnetic to attract metal particles ejected by the engine. If some of these metal particles get on the edge of the plug , just wipe them with a clean cloth without worrying.

7.     Allow the oil to drain . We use the filter unscrewing tool to carefully unscrew the oil filter. Be careful not to damage or deform the filter when removing it , as this will allow some of the contaminated particles in it to return to the engine. After removing the oil filter, check that the O-ring has not fallen . We also need to replace the O-ring when replacing the oil filter.

8. Unscrew and remove the plastic mesh Air filter located on the side of the engine in order to clean the large contaminants. We use a clean cloth again to clean all the parts.

9. Install the new oil filter by lubricating its O-ring. Each new oil filter comes with a new O-ring that helps it fit snugly to the Air filter. Motorcycle oil is placed on top of it in order to seal it. Then manually tighten the screw of the new oil filter in the engine. Here we need to use only a special tool , as we should not overtighten the filter so as not to damage the O-ring.

10. Replace the filter, the plastic mesh filter, the plug. Once the contaminated oil has drained completely, which usually lasts a few minutes, we take a clean cloth and also the opening of the mesh Air filter. We put the plug and the plastic mesh filter back.

11. The next step is to read the instructions to the motorcycle on how much oil to pour. Put about half a litre less and leave the funnel in the hole. We put the oil cap on and start the engine. Let it idle for about a minute.

12.Check the oil level after stopping the engine. For this purpose, it is good to place the motorcycle on a suitable flat surface or centre stand. We wait about a minute for the oil to spread in the cylinder heads in the crankcase. 

Through the window on the crankcase side, we check the oil level. If it is below the middle line, top-up to level it; if it is at the level of the central line, it means that we are ready to change the oil, and we can get on the bike.
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