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How to check the effectiveness of the sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become a significant piece of our new ordinary lives. Even though specialists and doctors suggest washing hands over utilizing hand sanitizer at whatever point conceivable, there are times when we are left with no decision except to utilize hand sanitisers.

Hand sanitizers that have in any event 60% liquor should only be utilized. The hand sanitizers are made with a lot of caution so they clean your hands and don’t hurt your skin. However, because of the popularity, not all hand sanitizers accessible in the market are sheltered or unique, particularly the ones that have been dispatched after the demand has expanded to such an extent.

There are many ways in which you can check the effectiveness of the sanitizer at home, but today we are talking about the three simple steps that can be used at home.

  1. Tissue paper test

To play out this test, take a tissue paper and make a circle at the center of it with the assistance of a pen. Presently pour a few drops of hand sanitizer inside this circle. 

On the off chance that the ink begins to blur away and spills, it implies your hand sanitizer is phony. However, on the off chance that the circle stays all things considered and the paper likewise dries rapidly, this demonstrates your hand sanitizer is of acceptable quality and successful.

2.Hairdryer test

Hairdryer test

You will require a hairdryer and a little bowl to play out this test. Pour a few drops of hand sanitizer into a bowl. Presently take a hairdryer and attempt to dry this hand sanitizer. The sanitizer ought not to take over 5 seconds to dry out. If the sanitizer doesn’t dry out, it isn’t unique.

3.Flour test

You can likewise test the hand sanitizer by utilizing flour. Take some flour in a bowl and add some hand sanitizer to it. Attempt to manipulate the batter. On the off chance that you can massage the mixture effectively as you do with water, it implies the hand sanitizer is phony. 

If the mixture stays flaky, it demonstrates that the hand sanitizer is unique.

There are many other ways through which you can find the effectiveness of the sanitizer and the most common and the most unorthodox method was to spill some sanitizer on a plane surface and then use something to burn it with, if the sanitizer is phony and fake it will not burn but in the case of the hand sanitizer being real and the right amount of alcohol is being used in it then it will burn properly.

You can now find the sanitizer at the best prices in Pakistan online or even at major supermarkets and keep your hands clean at all times so that you stay safe from this deadly virus.

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