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How To Choose A Vanilla Perfume

Blind Colonel Frank Slade, played by Al Pacino in the Oscar-winning Scent of a Woman, could describe any beauty by smell. And he did it with high physiological accuracy, determining the hair color, waist and lip contour. “Can a smell really say so much about a person?” – the audience and Charlie, the young man accompanying the colonel, begin to think. Let’s not guess, it is better to thoroughly understand the magic of “talking” aromas right now. They meet by aroma and remember by vanilla perfume.

The wheel of fragrances.

The most important characteristic of a perfume is the quality of its scent. Everything else (style, concentration, volume, bottle design, etc.) has rather additional meaning.

Odors can be classified according to various methods. For example, with the help of the Michael Edwards fragrance circle, known for his “great nose”, which can recognize the most secret notes of perfume.

In our article we will give an expanded list of groups, on the basis of which you can choose a perfume for your beloved or beloved. Moreover, understanding the characteristics of each group and the preferences of a person, one can not only delight his perfumery taste, but even surprise by picking up a similar smell of vanilla perfume.

In perfumery, the following groups of aromas are distinguished:

  • floral – universal scents for any pore. With the help of them, an elated mood is created. Combined with powdery scents, they acquire a romantic accent;
  • fruit are also good for any situation and in any weather. They add youth and enthusiasm to the owner of such a perfume. Fruit perfume scores can include berry, fruity (all except citrus), floral and spicy notes;
  • Citrus is a type of fruit aroma that is less versatile and more suitable for people who enjoy physical activity. As a rule, a citrus mix is ​​not complete without lemon, orange or grapefruit. The group of such scents is ideal for the warm season;
  • oriental – the basis of the fragrance is usually musky, vanilla perfume, citrus and floral combinations. In the recipe of oriental perfumes, the emphasis is on the base and heart notes, which increases the duration of their sweetish “trail sound”. Such perfumes are suitable for mysterious female natures, charming without words, and mysterious seducers;
  • marine – another group for warm and even hot pores. The sea perfume has a light and cool scent that awakens in the imagination the memories of a calm water surface, or, conversely, of storms from the paintings of Aivazovsky. Perfumes are often tinted blue, thereby enhancing the association with the sea;
  • woody – warm and tart scents, combining “wood aromas”: pine, cedar, paradise (agar) wood and the smells of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver. Perfumes create a soft and romantic atmosphere, suitable for men and women;
  • green (vetiver) scents – composed of vetiver oil, a tropical herb with aromatic roots. Initially, vetiver was used to make men’s perfumes, today unisex “green perfumes” are the most popular. They have a pungent odor with a pronounced herbaceous accord, may have bitterness or absorb the rich smell of fresh forest. Suitable for energetic and business people;
  • fougere – it may seem that the group relates in some way to the feast, in fact it is not. Aromatic fragrances got their name from the French word fougère, which means fern. It was with the Royal Fern perfume that the fougere fragrances began. Their secret is in a deep herbaceous-earthy scent, for the creation of which they use lavender, moss, bergamot, coumarin. The spirits of this group for a long time served as a sample of the male scent, after they switched to the female side, and now they have become “servants of two masters”;
  • aldehyde – artificially created aromas, distinguished by velvety, tenderness, powdery notes. They have a sophisticated sound in contrast to pungent or fresh smells. Sometimes natural aromas are added to synthetic aromas, thereby expanding the olfactory range. The “musical composition” of aldehyde compositions often includes the scents of makeup;
  • chypre (chypre) – combine floral and woody scents, which makes them exotic, unusual and attractive. They are based on oak moss from the very beginning of production. Previously, it was mined exclusively in Cyprus, today technology allows you to repeat the smell of moss in the laboratory. Chypre fragrances add status, aristocracy to their owner, make him special. For the most part, chypre is a feminine fragrance, although a small number are masculine and universal
  • musky – the main ingredient in this group is, of course, musk. Previously, it was obtained from the “pouch” located in the belly of musk deer. But since the 50s of the last century, musk deer have been listed in the “Red Book”, which is not surprising, because to extract 1 kg of musk, at least 50 individuals had to be killed. Today musk is produced chemically and is used in almost all vanilla perfume compositions, because it has the amazing property of holding the aromatic formula together and giving it strength and stability. Musk itself has a bright aroma and goes well with floral and woody scents;
  • leather – initially such scents were used to perfume new leather products, but gradually they took their special place in perfumery. Leather scents have astringency, some harshness and even brutality. It goes well with woody and spicy notes. Suitable for both men and women.

Guess your melody from the notes

Despite the diversity of the musical palette, in a perfume composition, notes can occupy only three positions: top, middle or base.

These three types of notes form the so-called. olfactory (olfactory) harmony and constitute a perfume accord. The intensity and “musicality” of the smell at each stage of its disclosure depends on the location in the hierarchy. So:

  • upper, or head, – form the first impression of the perfume, their sounding on average lasts 15 minutes, sometimes it can go up to half an hour. They are composed of rapidly evaporating volatiles. Typically, the top row includes citrus, green, fresh and other light notes;
  • the middle, or heart notes, begin to appear along with the head notes, but fully unfold later, after the top notes have receded. Heart notes set the tone for 3-6 hours. As a rule, this “cocktail” includes soft floral scents: rose, lily, lily of the valley, jasmine, etc .;
  • base, or trail, – complete the aromatic accord and add depth to the whole composition. They begin to unfold along with the heart notes and are usually composed of musk, amber, moss, etc. The duration of their action, depending on the quality of the perfume, can reach up to a day.

Not all perfumes can be described with a classic scent pyramid.

Styles and seasons of perfume

Each scent has a specific purpose, and where citrus is appropriate, there is absolutely nothing to do with oriental or fougere aromas. Also, it depends on the time of year and the weather outside the window whether the smell can fully unfold and produce the desired effect. So that you have no doubts about which Vanilla Perfume to choose for a particular pore or situation, we have collected a few simple and useful recommendations.

For work, it is better to use light scents that subtly emphasize your personality. You should not “put on” a perfume made of “gastronomic” scents such as chocolate, caramel, berries, etc. into the office. Oriental and musky groups are also inappropriate, something fresh, citrusy and neutral is better. Unlike office smells, daytime scents are more free. 

The freest are evening perfumes. Let’s add a few words about the vanilla perfume, because the “vitality” of the aroma directly depends on the air temperature.

5 simple tips for choosing a perfume

Let’s summarize and briefly recall the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a perfume:

  1. It is necessary to clearly understand in what situations the Vanilla Perfume perfume will be used: at work, at a party, on a summer vacation or during a winter business trip.
  2. It is convenient to use and eliminates the need to carry a large container of perfume with you. Travel size bottles can serve as an alternative to the atomizer – these are miniature containers up to 30 ml. They do not require any additional bottles and can easily be placed in carry-on luggage, which is important for lovers of overseas rest and long-distance travel.
  3. Study the note scale and aroma accord. This will allow you to understand how the fragrance will unfold and how much it suits you or the person you are choosing a perfume for. Information about the notes is on the packaging.
  4. Don’t be afraid to experiment and rely on your nose. The search for the perfect scent is a long journey filled with mysterious smells and unexpected “musical” twists from sweet to bitter notes!

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