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How to Choose Interactive Display for Business Collaboration

There are many things to consider when choosing interactive displays for business collaboration. But how do you choose the right solutions for your meeting room from different brands?

Many office managers are missing out on valuable staff insights due to ineffective technology and lack of interaction and collaboration. Other business structures also miss out on the opportunity to reach consensus over key internal decisions.

Interactive flat panel display technology can be used to create a collaborative and interactive environment for everyone in the meeting room. This technology has the key benefit of encouraging collaboration and better understanding among colleagues.

This post will provide a deeper look into how interactive displays can be used in conference rooms, meeting rooms and even huddle rooms to boost collaboration.

What about an Interactive Flat Panel Display?

Multi-touch large flat panels are embedded with an operating system. The OS can be integrated into interactive flat panels to act as a collaborative meeting platform, without the need for additional administrative preparation.

Interactive flat panel displays make it easy to host whole meetings, huddle rooms, video conferencing, training courses or collaboration sessions.

Interactive flat panel displays are an alternative to whiteboards and projections. They can display details, charts and multimedia in rich, rich 4K resolution. Managers and meeting organizers can manage their content with confidence using built-in apps, while participants can add to the information remotely.

How to Choose the Best Interactive Displays for Business?

Business collaboration techniques have already come a long way in the 21st century, and interactive flat panel displays represent a significant next step in adding a genuinely interactive element to the office meeting room. In addition to the interactive flat panel display price, there are plenty of considerations you can compare and review when picking the ideal solutions for your business from various interactive flat panel display brands.

Hardware Specifications: One of the most important things to consider is the type of hardware you want to use in your interactive displays. 

1.1 Resolution:

Resolution can play a vital part in the experience your meeting room offers employers and employees.

While smaller-scale huddle rooms can use 1080p FHD displays, larger meeting rooms, board rooms, and fully immersive suites benefit from a 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution.

1.2 Size:

When deciding on the size of an interactive flat panel display to suit your business needs, take a moment to consider the size of the meeting room. It is also worth considering the size of your potential audience for your interactive screen. 

No specific rules exist when choosing a display screen size that fills the meeting room. Typically, 65” is fine for small-to-medium-sized spaces or huddle spaces, while 75” is suitable for a medium-sized meeting room and 86″ is perfect for a board room area and beyond. 

1.3 Connectivity:

An interactive flat panel display can allow all meeting participants to wirelessly connect via their notebooks and smartphones, video conferencing equipment, or other internet-enabled devices – helping to make an impression on clients and board members alike.

HDMI, VGA or Display Port signal inputs: these inputs allow you to connect to external PCs and laptops if any meeting participants or guests would like to use their laptops for presentation purposes.

OPS Slot: This enables you to connect to an optional windows-based PC module and turns your interactive display into a powerful PC.

USB 2.0/3.0 & USB-C: This connectivity allows you to connect with external devices, like a storage hard drive, to share or save your files from a USB drive. You can also connect a webcam, wireless dongle, or video conferencing devices to board quickly and easily through a single USB-C cable and wirelessly mirror and touch the screen while charging your devices.

LAN & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module: Whether you use Ethernet or an included Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module, the interactive flat panel display allows participants to access the Internet.

1.4 Touch & Stylus:

Touch functionality is a crucial feature of interactive whiteboards. It allows participants to write, annotate and operate the platform using their fingers or a stylus and enables multiple users to draw on the display for group discussion. 

But there are some considerations you need to make regarding touch functions. Most interactive flat panel displays support 20 touchpoints, but this is only from a hardware perspective. Although your display has a higher point capacity, the operating system might limit the flat panel to just ten touchpoints. 

If you want to use Windows OS, this operating system will allow as many as 20 touchpoints. Though, if you want to use your macOS laptop, you will need to download a driver and install Mac gestures to the display.

Regarding the meeting scenario, group discussion for idea collaboration will be very important. Interactive displays for business bundles in two double-headed stylus pens capable of being operated simultaneously with two different writing colors.

2. Annotation Tools

The first way is the instant annotation tool. This allows you to annotate different file formats, including images, videos, apps, etc. You can choose different colors and brush thicknesses to visualize your idea right on the screen.

3. Whiteboard App & Custom Toolbars

The other way is a built-in whiteboard app with more collaborative functions. The interactive Display application provides a user-friendly canvas to import any images, office files, or web pages; you and your teams can annotate together. You can choose various colors and brush thicknesses and insert tables and sticky notes to assist in your brainstorming process.

The Interactive Display app also amazes you with a custom toolbar setting where you can select your favorite and frequently used tools displayed on the toolbar.

Again, it’s worth exploring your needs when picking the suitable interface for your meeting room. This decision is significant if you’re not the most confident user of collaborative technology.

4. Widget Settings

Widget tools are often used on smartphones; you can easily place widgets on the home screen to show important information and quickly access frequently visited web pages.

4.1 Compatible with Video Conferencing Camera and Software

Video conferencing is one of the essential and efficient ways to communicate with remote staff or clients. To set up a video conferencing platform on the interactive display, you need to consider whether the display is compatible with the all-in-one camera and video conferencing software.

Connecting the camera to the display is easy, one USB port can help to solve this hardware installation. A few brands are launching interactive displays with a built-in camera as an all-in-one concept. It solves the installation effort and is driver-free. But, the built-in camera specification may not be excellent as dedicated video conferencing brands.

Software is also a key element. There are several popular video conferencing software or app in the market, like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, Skype, etc. It is impossible to host or join video conferencing without the software. So, before choosing an interactive whiteboard to be your video conferencing platform, you need to check whether the display provides a built-in video conferencing app or offers a flexible way to install the software.

With help of Latest technology, Interactive flat panel display provide more and more technology solutions. An interactive flat panel display can help to increase your business collaboration with help of latest technology. Every Business has different needs and desires for their conference room. No matter what type of collaboration you need to do, we can help you find a great, customized solution for any room and any conference setting.


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