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How to choose tablets for nursing students?

Are you tired of carrying around a heavy bag with a laptop and bulk of cables? Then you may look for a tablet which is a great alternative to large laptops and small smartphones. It can handle numerous tasks and save space in your bag. This is exactly the reason why many students prefer tablets when choosing a device for studying. But it is important to understand the features it must have to be useful.

Students’ demands for technical means depend on their educational program. For example, there is no need for high-performance devices with a massive set of specialized apps for nursing students, unlike students of technical universities. However, the first ones always carry big heavy workbooks, read a lot, and write down lectures. This is where tablets come to help. Although it is a real pain to print text on such devices, you may get undisputable benefits using it for:

  • storing all books in one place, getting rid of printed heavy versions;
  • recording lectures to save important points;
  • taking photos of educational materials, objects;
  • searching for information on the Internet;
  • share study files with professors and other students.

In that way, with the only one drawback (which disappears with the help of a compatible keyboard), tablets become useful and must-have devices for nursing students.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Tablets for Nursing Students

Before you focus on a specific model (a selection of popular tablets among nursing students you can see here, you should think about the characteristics it should have.

Powerful battery. A useful device is a device that doesn’t make you worry about charging during classes. Therefore, the key criteria should be battery life. Many tablets are equipped with batteries that will not fail for 10-20 hours.

Memory. If you don’t want to carry all those heavy books and notebooks in your bag, your tablet must have a lot of free space where you will store all materials. Besides the span of internal storage, pay attention to the possibility of its extension.

Keyboard. Don’t want to waste your time typing on a tablet and there isn’t any PC or laptop at hand? The problem can be solved with a wireless keyboard for tablets. It isn’t as convenient as a keyboard on a laptop for sure, but it will save you a lot of time.

Damage-proof. Rides in overcrowded transport, accidental bumps on doors and other hard surfaces can go unnoticed if you don’t have an expensive tablet in your bag. But, if you have, it is better to avoid such impacts and choose devices in an aluminum case.

Mobile Internet. It is an important parameter for those who want to stay connected round the clock. Some tablet models don’t have this function. Remember it if you can’t imagine your life without the Internet.

  1. OS. In the world of tablets, there are only two undisputed leaders – Android and iOS. Which one to choose? It depends on your personal preferences and budget. For a student, the best option is Android. Despite some disadvantages in terms of performance, these tablets have a very attractive price and big choice of free apps, which is not the case for iOS that has specific restrictions and branded cost.

When choosing a tablet for study, many nursing students prefer:

  • Lenovo Tab 4 Plus is a reliable device with a double protective glass cover, 16 GB memory, and a slot for cards up to 128 GB. The tablet can be connected to 3G, 4G LTE. The highlight here is a durable battery (20 hrs).
  • Huawei MediaPad M5 lite LTE is a compact tablet in a metal case. An 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM indicate high performance and multitasking of the device. Future nurses will also be pleased with 32 GB of internal memory and the ability to extend it up to 256 GB.

A tablet running on Android gives nursing students a great opportunity to use free educational apps. Play Store provides you with everything from medical books and tests to simulators and 3D anatomical atlases. We recommend you such applications as Anatomy Learning – 3D, Nursing Exams, RN Pocket Guide, Medscape, and Epocrates.

Other important tips for choosing a tablet for nursing students

When you’re starting nursing school, it probably won’t be the least of your worries. After all there is also registering for classes and wondering if being able to handle a heavy class load are issues on top of everything else that needs attention- so why not choose correctly?

The best way would simply depend upon what kind or tablets one wants: whether they need something with more features than others; how often do these apps update themselves (and does having access periodically make them easier.

There are many different brands and models of tablets on the market, but they all come with their own unique qualities. When shopping for a new tablet to use in school or at home there’s plenty to consider like screen resolution as well price range depending upon how much money you’re willing spend!

In order to use your tablet effectively in nursing school, it is important that you consider the size. Do YOU want a device which allows for note-taking or digital textbooks? Larger screens are better when viewing both text and images because they allow more room on each page while still being able see all aspects clearly without having any obstruction in sight!

Nurses study for hours on end, and it can start to take its toll. But by the time you’re finished with your first year of nursing school? You’ll thank yourself! That is because higher screen resolutions mean easier eyesight – which will help keep those pesky headaches at bay during all those long days spent studying hospital management or even just doing basic clinic work like taking blood pressures (which we know isn’t something everyone likes).

The best way to succeed in nursing school is with a great tablet. You’ll find yourself using it during classes, study sessions and even when reviewing for your boards! By choosing the right device you can go through all of this comfortably while still fulfilling your future career goals as an experienced nurse
The input was about what kind or how much money should be spent on their new gadget but they didn’t really tell us why exactly these things mattered so I went off into explaining why we need them before getting back down again.

What is the best tablet for homeschooling?

Homeschooling can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. There are many online programs that offer virtual classes connected with live teachers – these tend not as common in homeschool settings because they usually depend on books or digital equivalents for imparting information (which isn’t always possible). However the best tablets for Homesitchers will allow users install any app desired so long as those apps meet educational standards!

Is iPad air worth buying?

The iPad Air is a step up from the smart phone, making it better for watching movies and online courses. It isn’t as good at writing papers or doing complex media presentations if you need more computer power to do these tasks – but that doesn’t mean buying an older version of this tablet! Outlet suggests going with one of last year’s models instead because they’re faster (and lighter).

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