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How to Choose the Ultimate Bike Rack As Per Your Budget

In case you love bike trips, you know the importance of bike racks. Those who love bike trips usually prefer bike racks for cars. They can attach the bike racks to their cars and transport their bikes to their trip starting point. Often carrying the bike in your car seems a good idea but in reality, it is a mess. You cannot clean your bike and a dirt bike can also make your car dirty and unclean. Therefore, the best way is to buy a car bike rack.

There are many models available in the market. Hence, finding the ultimate bike rack for your car within your budget can be a little difficult. In this article, you will get a compact buying guide. Here you can get information about the must-have features to look in a bike rack while you are shopping. Read this article to the end to know more.

Here are some of the common types of bike racks. You can choose any among these models as per your convenience.

 Roof Racks-

Roof racks are usually fitted on the roof of a car and you transport the bike over the roof of your car. It is great in case you have a small car and cannot avail a lot of space to carry your bike. It also allows you to use the trunk of your car. Those who have luggage rack installed on their car roof may only need to buy the bike treys. Hence, it is one of the cheapest options. But, if you have a heavier mountain bike or cruiser bike, then you may find it difficult to transport the rack on the roof of your car. Also, make sure to remove the bike before you enter your garage. And, if you are transporting your bike on the car roof there is a slight chance that you will need more fuel.

Hitch mounted racks-

It is the best bike rack that you can buy. The racks come with locking pivot to keep your bike fixed in a place along with some hanging treys to support the weight of your bike. It is often fixed at the back of your car. It is very much easy to use. But a hitch-mounted bike rack can be a little expensive. Also, you can’t access your car trunk if you are using this rack. Additionally, you may also need to check if a rack is compatible with your car for a better result and safe transportation.

Pickup-bed racks-

  It is the ideal choice in case you have a trick or mini pick up the van. It is a fairly simple design and a bar is fixed in your track and the bikes can be fixed diagonally on the racks. You can also transport more than one bike with this type of bike racks. But, pickup-band racks are available from only a few manufacturers. Ence, if you are unable to find one, you may need to build one yourself. Also, make sure to invest in proper safety guards because your bike paint can be damaged on a bumpy road.

 Truck-mounted racks-

It is one of the reasonable racks for any buyer. These bike racks are available at a very affordable price and you can also use it in your four-wheeler without any problem. Truck-mounted racks are easy to set-up and easy to maintain. But, not every model supports every bike. Therefore, you need to check the model before buying it.

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