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How to Convert EML to PST File without Outlook?

Are you looking for a quick way to convert EML to PST format? So your wait is finally over. Today, we’ll go over an easy-to-understand and reliable method for answering your question. In addition, you will get a set of instructions that will assist you in converting multiple EML files to PST format in a single operation. Here we will provide a well-suited EML to PST Converter software for converting EML files to PST without any size limitation.

“Hello, I have a large number of .eml files in my local computer as a backup. But, due to some urgency, I want to convert all EML files to PST format. Through which I can open all EML files into Microsoft Outlook. Please suggest me a well suitable approach to convert multiple EML files to PST format.”

So, after considering all problems we are here to resolve all user’s queries.  In this blog, we have come up with the best toolkit to resolve this task securely. As we all know, EML is a popular file format for storing email messages. It supports a variety of email clients, including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and many others. However, due to the advanced features and applications, users prefer to use MS Outlook.  But, Microsoft Outlook saves email messages in PST format. To use Outlook, users should first convert their EML files to PST format.

Importing EML Files to PST for the Following Reasons

The following are the reasons for converting EML to PST:

  • EML files are a common file format that is less secure than PST files. As a result, in order to improve file data security, users must convert EML files to PST.
  •  EML to PST conversion is required when users switch from Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and other email clients to MS Outlook for universal access.
  • The main reason for converting EML to PST is that Outlook does not save files in EML format. As a result, users must convert EML files to PST format in order to save and download them into Outlook.

Manual Method for Converting EML to PST Format

Users can convert EML to PST manually by following the steps below. On the other hand, manual conversion may have several limitations as well as some risks of data loss

Method 1: Make use of drag and drop

To use this method of conversion, users must first install the MS Outlook application on their system. Then, proceed with the steps outlined below.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Select the file by navigating to the location where EML files are saved.
  3. Drag the EML file you want to use.
  4. Insert it into Microsoft Outlook.

Method 2: Make use of Outlook Express

Users must first configure EML files in Outlook Express. Once configured, proceed with the instructions.

  1. Start the Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Select the File tab.
  3. Navigate to Open & Export.
  4. Select the Import/Export option.
  5. Choose Import internal mail and addresses.
  6. Click the Outlook Express button and then the Next button.
  7. Complete the process by clicking the Finish button.

Restrictions while using Manual Method

  • There is a possibility of Data loss while conversion.
  • Attachments to emails are rarely exported to Outlook.
  • It is a tedious and time-consuming conversion process.
  • With a manual approach, there is no data integrity or data security.
  • Manual process is not secure for your valuable data.

Automated Method to Convert EML to PST Files?

EML to PST File Converter is a one-stop solution for converting EML files.  The tool includes a variety of advanced features for EML to PST conversion. It also allows users to convert multiple .EML files into .PST format with attachments. Furthermore, it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and the Windows operating system. With its license versions, you can convert an unlimited number of EML files to PST format, and you can also download a free trial version to test the software’s efficiency.

The software includes a number of advanced features that make it both reliable and stable. Furthermore, the software allows users to convert EML files in bulk without losing a single bit of data. Furthermore, the software has an excellent user interface that even non-tech users can use. The EML to PST conversion process does not necessitate any technical knowledge or skills. Furthermore, the software is a stand-alone utility that does not require any additional software to run.

How The Suggested Software Exactly Works?

  • Download the EML to PST File Converter software on your existing Windows Operating System.

EML to MSG Converter

  • Now, select the file or folder option to load EML files to the software screen.

EML to PST Converter

  • Thereafter, the software will display all the EML files to the software panel sequentially.

Choose EML Folders

  • Next, choose PST as a file saving option from the drop-down menu.

Select PST Format

  • Choose a desired location and appropriate file naming option to save the resultant data file accordingly.

Browse Destination Path

  • Finally, hit on the Save button to start the conversion process without any extra effort.

Convert EML to PST

So, this is the complete step-by-step process to convert EML files to PST format along with the email attributes.

Unique Features of EML to PST Converter

  • The tool can convert multiple EML files into PST at the same time. This EML to PST software’s bulk conversion feature is useful for saving time and effort.
  • The software allows users to convert all EML files, including attachments, to PST format. Furthermore, there is no file size restriction during the conversion process.
  • Due to the conversion of EML files to PST, the application retains the original hierarchy. Furthermore, the software preserves all email properties, ensuring that users receive an accurate conversion result.
  • It is a Windows-based application that works with all versions of the Windows operating system. Users can easily convert EML to PST for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and other operating systems.
  • The software is a stand-alone application that does not require any other software to function.
  • Advanced feature to search a particular email message through its properties.
  • The software has a user-friendly graphical user interface. It is created using a high-tech algorithm. This software can be used by both technical and non-technical users without any technical assistance.
  • The tool provides various file naming options to save the resultant file.

Frequently Asked Queries

  1. How many EML files can be converted to PST format using this software?

You can convert unlimited EML files to PST format with this amazing software.

  1. Can I convert large-sized EML files to PST format with attachments?

Yes, you can convert large-sized EML files to PST format with single attachments.

  1. Does the software keep the original structure of EML file while conversion process?

Yes, the software keeps the original structure of EML file while conversion process.

4. Does the software runnable on Windows Operating System?

Yes, the software successfully run on all latest and previous version of Windows Operating system.


It is not easy to convert EML to PST format. However, in the preceding section, we discussed the simplest method for converting an EML file to a PST file without the use of an external utility. For converting a large number of EML files to PST format, the solution is completely safe and secure. It also offers a complete and quick conversion of EML files to PST format.

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