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How to create a killer online course?

Don’t underutilize your platform, it would be a waste. Explore & use it to your best advantage. 

If you want to sell online courses in 2020 and charm learners, you need to make sure a few things are well in place. This article talks about what makes a really good online course in 2020. 

Quality Content

Quality course content in your online course platform is imperative for success. That means the course content that has the right balance between anecdotal examples, multiple angles, as well as information. A teaching moment that works is the one where you go beyond preconceived notions & present new findings. Have interesting angles in your lessons to feature in your online course marketing strategy.

Steady Pacing

None of us likes a monotonous lecture, online or offline. You need to set the pace for your lesson by breaking down dense sections into small manageable parts. Another effective way is to set the right pace. You can mix up your style, include visual elements even in order to keep your class engaged.

Different Teaching Strategies

Your online learners will be different. You want to make use of different teaching strategies in lessons so that it’s beneficial for everyone. Spayee, for example, supports multimedia course content including videos, live class & PDFs. It might not be easy for you to find the right balance, hence keep a good mix of audio-visual aids to be able to cover the majority. Include live tests & assignments to keep your learners hooked to your course throughout. 

Space For Self-Learning

Homeworks & assignments are essential self-learning activities. It could be tricky to achieve with online classes. But, you are free to open exercises and activities that they have to do on their own. It would pick their mind, provide them value as well as keep them stay active in the learning process.

Interactive Components

The scope of using interactive components depends on your choice of platform. Hence, it’s very important you choose the best course hosting platform. Spayee has discussion forums to keep learners engaged. These components could also help you gauge extra points. Use it all & make the next course even better. 

Proper Use Of Online Learning Platform

There is one learning curve present when you use online learning platforms. Hence, do a proper test run and make sure you know how it works before you finalize one. For what’s it’s worth, your course platform is your space. You get to manage and mediate it. Students will need to navigate the platform as well. Most important features like fast website, simple to use interface & uninterrupted learning are needed for your learners.

Don’t underutilize your platform, it would be a waste. Explore & use it to your best advantage. 

Sense Of Community

When you create an excellent online course, you have the confidence to market it with no problems. Remember that you are a one-person show hence you must not leave any scope in doubting the material you create.

The first, unspoken step & the most important one is to create a product worthy of your learners’ attention. A trustworthy product goes a long way with minimal effort.
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