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How to Create and Manage a YouTube Channel?

We spend several hours on YouTube. Sometimes for education and sometimes to get entertained. And one could not deny, it has a vast number of content, movies, short films, music albums, games, tutorials, funny videos, you name it. YouTube is a broad online platform to get featured. YouTubers are also getting benefited from it. They are doing the job they like, earning money out of it, and getting the limelight of fame.

Once in our life, we all might have thought of creating our YouTube channel and why not! Today we’re going to find out how to develop and operate one.

  1. Create an account

The first step one needs to do is create an account, and it is quite simple to make one. All it takes to have a Gmail ID  and the user can sign up on Youtube since YouTube is a subsidiary of Google. After signing up, one needs to select whether they want a business account or a professional account. The only difference between two is the business account provides an option to create an alternate name of your channel.

Once it is done, the user needs to put the profile picture of the channel, which would help the audience better know about the channel and its content, but the image shouldn’t be more extensive than 2560X1440 pixels. Then the channel is ready to publish the first content.

  • The Objective of the channel

Once the account is created now, the user should be exactly confined to the purpose of the channel. If the channel has not anything good to serve, it won’t be able to take its place out there.

If one has a clear objective, he/she can then easily plan contents accordingly and which would help them achieve their desired goal.

  • Quality of content

Here comes the most important part, creating the contents. One should keep in mind that only good quality content has a chance to grow because there are plenty of videos out there. The audience doesn’t take 10 seconds to decide if they want to watch it more or not.

Create a high-resolution video, edit them in a video editing software, Google has plenty of their lists. One should always make sure the content isn’t long enough, a maximum of 2 minutes is excellent, and the YouTuber should religiously upload his/her videos quite often, at least two contents in a week. In online platforms, consistency is the key.

  • Keywords

Now when the content is ready, it’s time to publish. While publishing, the user should put an exciting cover of the video and a catchy title. But what is most important are ‘keywords.’

One should put appropriate keywords that best suit the contents and the particular video. Using different phrases also helps to reach more people and stand out. The keywords also aid the video to occur according to the viewer’s search list. They bring the viewers and subscribers to the channel.

  • Create a playlist

Since the channel now has content, one needs to organize them, which means the YouTuber now needs to hold them correctly according to the sequence he/she wants the video to appear. Please make sure the videos will lower views come below the higher one, then put an appropriate title on them. This helps to prepare a playlist, which is essential to viewers who will visit the channel, and that is the only chance the channel has to leave an impression.

  • Optimizing the channel

Keep checking the details of the video. One can do that by clicking on the ‘optimization’ option. Optimizations give the YouTuber details like how many audiences the content reached when the contact did better, and when it dropped, watch time, engagement, average watch time, viewer retention, and the number of re-watches. This helps to understand the impact of the content better and to learn from it to do better.

By keeping these tips and points in mind, I hope one can do better in their journey of being a YouTuber.

Jackson Henry. I’m a writer living in USA. I am a fan of technology, arts, and reading. I’m also interested in writing and education. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

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