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How to Cure ED Permanently? Steps to Cure Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can be cured permanently by identifying the underlying cause and taking appropriate steps to deal with them. The permanent treatment also requires the ability to keep stress and anxieties within a manageable range. Permanent cure rests on both physical and emotional aspects of health. A healthy diet and an active daily, routine in some form of exercise, will take care of both aspects to a great extent. Ensure that lifestyle disease is out of your life. And intimacy has to be maintained with the partner. That will keep the desire for an intimate session alive. There will be no need to depend on erection-boosting medicines to get an erection, when a body is fit, the desire for intimacy is strong, and the man has the necessary energy and stamina for performance. From time to time take out special time for yourself and your partner. Never allow a communication gap to occur.

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder. It is a common issue among males after 30 years of age. However, some males suffer from it in their 20s as well due to several emotional and psychological issues.

Erectile dysfunction happens when males cannot get an erection even with sufficient arousal levels. Once in a while, an erection problem is not counted as erectile dysfunction. When a man fails to get an erection in 60 percent of cases, it is said to be the case of erectile dysfunction. Doctors prescribe Generic Cialis 60 mg overcome a higher degree of erectile dysfunction, but these are temporary relief measures. After an impact period of 36 hours, the problem returns. The only way to permanently cure ed is to understand the underlying causes and treat the underlying causes. Let us study how to cure the problem permanently.

Underlying causes of erectile dysfunction

Without understanding underlying causes and treating them, erectile dysfunction cannot be cured. The underlying causes may vary from male to male. Mid-aged males often suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and low libido, etc. All these issues can lower the desire for intimacy and cause problems inflow of blood towards the male organ.

Type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol issues reduce blood flow in the body. Constant blood pressure and uncontrolled type 2 diabetes damage the inner lines of blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels cannot support the blood flow that is needed for an erection.

In males below 30 years of age, stress, and anxiety often cause erection problems. Some younger males suffer from a lower image, lack of confidence in sexual matters, fear of loss of erection, and underperformance fear, which increases their anxiety and stress levels before an intimate session.

Steps to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

Steps to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

The biggest step is a lifestyle change. All lifestyle issues mentioned stem from a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of a healthy diet enhances the issue of erection resistance.

A healthy diet to cure ED permanently

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources to increase blood flow in the body. Pomegranate, watermelon, berries, lemon, beetroot, fish, nuts, Brazilian nuts, and spinach are some of the items a man increases in the diet. These foods will increase blood circulation in the body. Fruits mentioned here increase nitric oxide in the blood vessels.

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels to increase blood flow in the body. Nitrate in these foods gets converted into nitric oxide, which naturally helps a man to overcome erectile permanently.

Omega 3 fatty acid of fish removes the waxy substance from blood vessels. Bananas, avocado, drumsticks, strawberries, broccoli, lean meat, red meat, whole grains, eggs, and carrots, tomatoes are other foods that should increase in a balanced diet.

B vitamins to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

Vitamin B complex, B 1 to B 5 and B 12 regulates sex hormones, increases stamina, energy and boosts libido. They also boost testosterone levels, which gradually come down after 30 years of age.  Eat lean meat, poultry, fish, avocado, leafy green vegetables, fortified and enriched grains, eggs, beef, low-fat milk, and dairy products.

Vitamin B complex also increases the vitality of the nerves of the male organ. The combined effect is a hard erection with a strong desire for intimacy.

Pelvic floor exercises to cure ED forever

Pelvic muscles become lazy when a male leads a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise activates the pelvic muscles. Exercise makes pelvic muscles strong leading to improved blood circulation in the pelvic area, which contains the male organ.

Yoga poses to cure ED

Yoga poses to cure ED

Cobra pose, bridge pose, bow pose, plank pose, raised leg pose, seated forward pose, boat pose, etc. are considered some of the excellent poses for a strong body and sexual health. In fact, any yoga pose one can do perfectly helps in improving physical and mental health, which makes the erection process strong.

Shed weight to cure ED

Medical experts have confirmed that a male with belly fat is twice as likely to get an erection issue as a male without belly fat. Belly fat or obesity increases the risk of insulin resistance. It leads to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in males after 40.

Exercises to cure ED

Exercises to cure ED

Exercises keep your weight in check, tone muscles, and increase blood circulation throughout the body. Any exercise will help you in reaching the goal of an erection issue-free life. Aerobic exercises increase lung and heart capacity. The fast and deep breathing during aerobic exercise makes the heart function efficiently in a normal rest position.

Aerobic exercises like jogging, running, cycling, swimming, skipping, and even brisk walking increase oxygen inflow inside the body. This helps the fresh oxygen supply reach every part of the body. Fresh oxygen flow takes blood into the male organ for an erection.

Manage stress and anxiety

Some levels of stress and anxiety are normal in daily life. But stress and anxiety that become a constant worry is a source of trouble for a normal erection. Any issue that interferes with normal day-to-day life can affect the erection process. The reason is simple. The mind is also an active player in the erection process. A disturbed mind never takes part in the erection process.

Identify the source of anxiety and stress for better control over these two irritants to healthy intimacy.

Use of herbs to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

Ginseng, shilajit, Ashwagandha, and white Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) are known for their positive effects on the body and mind. These herbs relax the body and mind. They also increase libido in males. Lack of libido or lower libido prevents a full erection. Libido increases desire, which in turn leads to an intimate session. Desire is essential to get excited with physical stimulation even after using Generic Levitra 60 mg which doctors prescribe for severe cases of erection weakness. You can get a discount on Levitra 60 mg online.

Take one of these herbs at breakfast regularly for a couple of months. Take a gap of a few weeks before restarting taking the herbs. There will be less need for erectile dysfunction boosters at the time of intimate sessions.

Maintain intimacy with the partner

There should be no gap in intimacy with the partner. Even when there is no physical contact for a long period of time, maintain communication. This prevents miscommunication and mistrust, which later develops into a major issue between partners. Mention erection issue, if any to the partner. It only helps in removing a huge burden off the mind.

The partner support makes it easy to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Avoid smoking, drinking, and unhealthy habits to cure ED permanently

unhealthy habits to cure ED permanently

Reduce smoking, drinking, and fatty and oily heavy diet. Smoking increases the risk of the formation of plaque in blood vessels. The blockage reduces blood flow towards the heart. It reduces the efficiency of the heart, which directly impacts erection degree, as blood flow reduces in the male organ.

Drinking damages the inner walls of blood vessels. Damaged vessels cannot facilitate blood flow towards the male organ for a hard erection. It has been observed that the support of female partners during intimate sessions reduces fear of loss of erection during the act.


A healthy lifestyle is a base on which one can establish a healthy intimate life. A balanced diet, exercise, relaxed mind, and intimacy with the partner are the cornerstone for a healthy intimate life.


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