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How to Download Movies and Shows from Hulu

Most of the people must be aware of what Hulu service is. Hulu is a live streaming TV service that provides over 65 channels that feature the most on-demand exclusive shows and movies along with its own original shows. you can customise your watchlist and personalize your profile easily. Before beginning with their services, you can sign up for a week of free trial and then switch to the subscription plan, if satisfied, for $55 per month which you can cancel anytime. At this price. At this price, you can stream shows and movies in two screens at a time. They also provide 50 hours of cloud DVR space that can be extended up to 200 hours. If you desire to add any other channel you can subscribe to their add ons.

You might have a good internet connection at your home but there will be times when you want to binge watch your favourite movies or shows but your network will ditch you at the odd time. To watch your favorites series or films without any internet connection, you can pre-download them on your device and binge watch anywhere anytime. But one backdrop is that every content is not available for download on Hulu. Check for a circular icon with the downward-facing arrow next to the episodes or movies, to know if they are available for download. Also, make sure that you watch your shows or movies within 30 days as it will get deleted from your watchlist automatically after that time period. And if you have already started watching them, make sure that you watch it within 2 days or else your download will expire automatically. However, you can re-download the episodes or movies for additional 30 days but we wouldn’t recommend that as it adds up to the process.

Downloading Method

You will require the Hulu app on the device on which you want to download the show. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Hulu app and find movies and TV shows that support download.
  2. Locate the circular and download Arrow icons and then click on it. It will begin downloading your file.
  3. Once your download is completed, go to the main page of Hulu and click on the download section at the task bar below.
  4. Here you will find all the files that have downloaded in a device.

Once you have finished watching your movies or shows, you can easily delete them by tapping on the trash can icon given at the bottom of the screen.

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