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How to earn you and your business with a credit card

Why do you need credit cards for your business?

To begin, I’ll tell you in general who this idea can help. She will help:

  1. Those who do not have start-up capital to start a business,
  2. Those who don’t want to spend their money on business,
  3. Well, and those whose business needs more turnover (I belong to this category).

If you have money to implement your business projects, then it’s better not to interfere with loans. I don’t like them myself)

Favorable credit card scheme

This friend has been using this scheme for a long time and now I will also be actively using it! At the moment I have ordered several credit cards. A huge advantage of credit cards is the possibility of repaying a loan within 55 days (almost 2 months) without commissions !!! That is, I took a certain amount from the bank and within 55 days I can return it without interest, that is, just use this money for a month!

I can afford to use credit cards only for my online store and only for the purchase of goods. This is what I will do. I will explain why! Because on average a consignment of goods is 30,000 p. it takes me 1 month for sure, plus a month or so to deliver this batch. Total it turns out that I take money from a credit card (paid by them) for example 30 000 p. I buy goods on them, sell them for 50,000-60,000 rubles. and calmly without commissions I return the bank borrowed 30 000 r. while 20,000-30,000 remained with me. Cool! I do not take the figures from the ceiling, these are real figures from the profitability of my online store.

If you just like me just need to increase turnover, then you can do it less risky. For example, TD Bank Routing Number  I bought goods per month in the amount of 100 000 r. on average (turnover), respectively, I bought goods for this approximately 50,000. 30 000 p. I also take with a credit card and 20,000 add mine. After 55 days, I return the borrowed 30,000 to the bank and I still have 70,000 p. By doing this, I simply increase working capital with minimal investment from my pocket!

With these schemes, I didn’t discover America, it may have come to your mind or you are already using it, but it still works.

But there is one BUT! This scheme only works if you know for sure that you can repay the debt to the bank within 55 days! Otherwise, it will already be an ordinary loan with interest. Or if you know that you have money, but you want to try on borrowed money so that yours continue to work in another business, and if the settlement time is suitable after 55 days, then you can pay it off.

What credit card to apply for?

I recommend bank credit cards:

  • On  THIS  link like you can pick up an offer.
  • Citi Credit Systems – can issue on THIS  link.
  • There is still a good card Alpha Bank – can draw on THIS link. Up to 150,000 p. and up to 100 days without commissions!

Immediately advice! You can apply to all 3 banks, because they may refuse some. Well, if they approve of a few, then choose one that you like. But I applied for several cards, because sometimes it takes more money and one does not cope.

Why exactly these cards? Because the conditions are good. Interest is charged for purchases, TKS (Citi) has very convenient online banking and these banks have a high percentage of approval, that is, you don’t need to sit and be afraid that they will refuse to issue a card.


And most importantly, I do not impose on you the use of a credit card, and especially do not understand those who use a credit card just like that everyday. I hate loans and borrowed money, but when you can just borrow from someone without interest, to make money on it, you should try. It is up to you to decide whether to use the scheme or not, but I DO NOT ADVISE you to use it if you cannot return the money to the bank. In general, this loan is profitable and it has a place to be!

What do you think? Waiting for comments!


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