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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Phone

Every year, as consumers, we get to see new technology, new updates, and phones equipped with various powerful components. A lot of people keep switching their phones every year to stay updated with the latest technology in the market. But, if you are one of those people who finds satisfaction in running a phone for a longer time, then the tips mentioned below are for you. Follow these tips religiously to enjoy benefits in the long run:

App Updates

You might be tempted to not auto-update your apps and software to save space on the phone, but the solution for extending the longevity is when your phone remains updated. Being regular in downloading all the apps and software updates is the key to a healthy mobile device. The updates benefit your device by fixing bugs, solving security issues, and offering new features. Whichever mobile you use (iPhone or Android), make sure that you turn on the toggle for App Updates or Auto Updates for your apps.

And for system updates on an Android device, you will probably get notified about the update, or you can go to Settings and check for Update. For the iPhone users, you can tweak some settings on your device to stay updated. After opening the Settings, go to General and click on Software Update. You will find an update, if available. If not then switch on the toggle for Automatic Updates, so you won’t have to check for updates regularly.

Delete Apps

A lot of phones offer a satisfying amount of storage and memory. Yet, it is essential to keep a tab on the available storage space and how much data these apps are consuming out of that space. This will help you manage your apps and storage health of your mobile. And for that purpose, it is an excellent option to delete the apps from your device, especially the ones that you don’t use regularly. This will prevent those apps from running in the background and will not give them any chance to make a phone slower. You will have some extra space, and your device will stop freezing if it used to.

Clean the ports

We often don’t notice, but the grease and dirt get stuck in the smallest part of your phones. As time passes by, the dirt and grime keep accumulating. They can speed up overheating, and the dirt doesn’t look eye-pleasing at all. So the next time you find any gunk and dust on your screen or inside the ports, take out some time to clean those areas. You can use a Q-tip or toothpick for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your device. Use a cleaning wipe to remove the dirt from the screen, sides, and the back of your phone.

Replace Battery

Over time, the battery is the first component that tends to get damaged. So, when your phone gives up, try to get its battery fixed or replaced before you dump it. It is a very cost-effective method that will add life to your phone for the next few months. Since most of the phones in today’s world use embedded batteries, it might be impossible to get the batteries replaced. But if you want, you can buy a DIY iFixit kit to replace the phone’s battery on your own.

Prevent overheating

Maintaining the health of the battery of your mobile is also important. There are a lot of myths surrounding a phone’s battery that overcharging, fast charging, etc. can damage the phone. But the truth is your mobile battery can never overcharge as the modern batteries are designed in a way that the battery automatically shuts down the electrical charge after it reaches its maximum point. The most common way to put your phone’s battery in danger is to let it overheat all the time. To prevent such situations, shut down your phone when the temperature rises and avoid keeping it under direct sun for long. An overheated battery will damage its own lifespan.

Keeping up with these tips will help you make the best use of every bit of your smartphone. A bonus tip for better phone health would be to use an excellent quality mobile case. It will not only protect your case but will also prevent some dust to insert on your phone. Go for the cases that will protect your phone even if you drop it by mistake.

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