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How to Find Prestige Property in Brisbane

Prestige property is in hot demand in Brisbane, and the recent boom in luxury transactions has pushed the price of these properties into the stratosphere. If you are in the market for a prestige property, consider using an agent who has experience in the Brisbane market. Some of the leading names in luxury property in Brisbane are High Street Portfolio, Adcock Property, Heath Williams, Yungaba and Jervois Real Estate.

High Street Portfolio

Prestige Property Brisbane is an upmarket developer of prestige property. Their portfolio focuses on residential complexes and luxury homes. They are committed to providing superior building and property management services to maximize financial returns and improve the quality of living for their residents. Founder Ben Dawson began his career in the construction of commercial swimming pools on the Gold Coast before gaining experience in London. Their team of consistent professionals is focused on maximising their clients’ high-value assets and luxury lifestyles.

Franklin Villa

Franklin Villa is a prestige property in Brisbane that traces its history back to the early 20th century. It was built by Ellen Grenier in 1892 and named after her first husband, Franklin. Throughout the years, it has changed hands many times. The current owners bought the property in 1993 and restored many of its original features.

Yungaba House

This iconic heritage building has been renovated to maintain its historical integrity. The main level boasts soaring ceilings and extensive glazing. Its sweeping, open plan living area is surrounded by a gourmet galley kitchen with Miele appliances and ample storage. The space flows onto a private outdoor terrace with views of the Brisbane River and heritage gardens.


If you’re looking for prestige property in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. The Yungaba House is an iconic heritage building that has been restored to its original beauty. It offers 165 spacious apartments with views of the Brisbane River, Heritage Gardens, and the city skyline. The Residences at Yungaba are ten restored residences with luxury finishes and high ceilings.

Yungaba Estate

The Yungaba Estate is a prestige development located in the heart of Brisbane, Queensland. The property was originally constructed in the late 1800s to house bush children. It later served as a temporary base for Australian troops. In 1992, it was added to the Queensland Heritage Register. The property was designed by architect Push home. The result is a home that makes optimal use of the narrow 1046-square-metre block. It has a generous floor space for a two-bedroom apartment and a quality finish throughout.

Yungaba Heights

If you’re looking for a unique apartment that provides unparalleled views of the Brisbane River, the Brisbane skyline, and the Heritage Gardens, you’ll find it in Yungaba Heights, Brisbane. The complex also includes a luxurious pool with 20-meter infinity edge. Tenants can also enjoy the convenience of a free ferry to and from the CBD. For added security, tenants can benefit from security access systems and onsite managers.

Find Prestige Property Buyers

The high-end property market remains razor-sharp with high-net-worth individuals becoming less dependent on bank loans and competing for a finite supply of prestige properties. In the 12 months to September, sales of properties worth $10 million and above increased by 25 percent across the country. Subscribe now and get 50% off the first three months of service. You can cancel anytime.
How to attract and transact with prestige property buyers

Prestige property buyers have their own set of specific criteria. They are usually unwilling to make compromises when it comes to the design of the home, the location, or any other amenities. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make your property appeal to prestige buyers. First, attract them by advertising in prestigious magazines and websites. Then, match their requirements to your property. When you market to a prestige buyer, you’ll find that the transaction will go smoothly.

The prestige market in Gold Coast is bracing for a slingshot recovery, with cashed-up buyers vying for blue chip properties. The top end of town has sailed through the COVID-19 crisis, thanks to low interest rates and limited investment options. This weekend, restrictions on the property market will be relaxed, allowing up to 10 people to attend auctions and open homes.

Creating a buyer database

Prestige property is unique in that it attracts the highest-end buyers. The average price range of a prestige property is $5 million or more. However, the pool of prestige buyers is small. Because of this, the number of quality properties for sale in this category is smaller than the demand. As a result, the demand for these properties often far outstrips the supply. For this reason, agents who work in the prestige property industry must demonstrate their expertise and professionalism.

A successful agent in prestige property sales should have a database of potential buyers. They should be able to match the buyer’s criteria to the home’s features. This will help build an emotional connection between the property and the buyer.

Selling properties in silent auctions or silent sales

Selling properties in silent auctions or silent sales is an excellent way to attract prestige property buyers. The appeal of a silent auction lies in its emotional component. While many people feel the public auction process is the better choice, silent auctions can provide a more personal touch. Moreover, they can bring in cash payments in a discreet manner.

When selling properties in silent auctions or silent sales, it is important to make sure that each bidder’s offer is competitive. In other words, if you have a high offer, you can expect to attract buyers with different budgets. Moreover, you need to research properties in the neighborhood to make an informed decision.

Luxury Homes For Sale in Brisbane

The Corella Constructions team have over 20 years of experience in luxury home building, having transformed numerous properties across Brisbane. The team’s dedication and meticulous craftsmanship result in stunning results. They offer a range of luxury home building services, including renovations, additions and custom builds. They are also renowned for their attention to detail and ability to foresee potential issues.

The JamesEdition website has luxury homes for sale in the Brisbane City area. You can narrow down your search by price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and more. Listings include photos and detailed descriptions. You can even save your favorite properties and receive email and status change alerts.

Purchasing a luxury home brisbane isn’t an easy task, especially in the current property climate. However, a dedicated Buyer’s Agent can help make the process go smoothly. These individuals provide a range of expertise and support to help you purchase your dream home. As a result, they can make the process of buying a luxury home in Brisbane much easier.

In addition to offering high-quality designs, luxury homes for sale brisbane come with a price tag. These homes are designed to meet the specific needs of their owners. They may have game rooms, movie theaters, or a spa. There is also complete privacy and security for the residents. The price tag is quite high, so choose wisely!

Boutique Real Estate Consultants Know Your Environment

Performance and demand can vary even within a small area depending on the street where you live. In addition to raising their children and working in the real estate industry there for many years, Joanna and her staff at JBBA have a deep understanding and admiration for the Brisbane’s Inner North premium areas.

Every day, in addition to searching for homes for our clients, we also personally visit and inspect them. We also connect with other members of our property networks to learn about upcoming changes to listings and the market. We have expertise in these fields and can impart this knowledge to all of our clients.
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