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How to Get a Flare Gun and What They Do in Fortnite Season 3?

Epic Game’s perseverance of enhancing the gaming experience of Fortnite is commendable. It’s been only a couple of weeks since Fortnite Season 3 has arrived and yet they added a new update to it. The update is known as 13.20, and it has included several new styles, achievements and Punch Cards to the game. Alongside, the update has also brought a powerful weapon known as Flare Gun. In this article, we are going to help the gamers to get the Flare Gun weapon in Fortnite alongside will also brief about what it does. The whole process is a bit complicated, so we advise the gamers to be aware while reading it to avoid making any mistake.

Fortnite: How to Get a Flare Gun and What They Do

First, gamers need to know that there are three ways through which they can attain the Flare Gun; llamas, supply drops and chests. The chance of getting the Flare Gun from chests is only 4.03% while through drops, it is nearly 9%. Thus, gamers need to try attaining the Flare Gun through drops instead of other resorts. Once the gamers have successfully obtained the Flare Gun, then there are various actions they can perform through it. The most obvious work that Flare Gun can do is to inflict the damage to the enemies. Though it seems quite small, it has a potency of inflicting damage around to 60.

There can only be six rounds fired at once, and its reloading is also quite efficient. Gamers can use the Flare Gun to inflict the burning damage either to their enemy or some spot or place. Gamers can use the Flare Gun to activate the Firefly Jar alongside to hinder the enemies. Although it seems quite normal and small but trust us Flare Gun is much more than that; the ability to inflict the damage of 60 strength is the quite powerful ability for a weapon in Fortnite. Thus, we advise all the gamers to obtain the Flare Gun in Fortnite and avail of it.


The primary motive of this article is to help the gamers about the Flare Gun aspect of Fortnite Season 3. The article contains information about Ways to find the Flare Gun alongside the uses of it. We hope all the gamers that have visited our article will accomplish their purpose through it and will find it helpful.

Gamers who are willing to witness the gaming experience of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 can play it on Xbox Series XPS5Nintendo SwitchPS4PC, and iOS.

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