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How to Get Free Credit Points on Call Of Duy Mobile Apk

The recently launched Call of Duty Mobile is the long-awaited game from the Call of Duty series. After the success of the console version, the game has made its mark on mobile devices. As a result, the game is gaining immense popularity in different parts of the world.
But unlike the console version, the mobile version has a difference, and that’s common. In this article, Kabar Games describes how to Hack and Cheat COD Mobile.
Currently, the rewards in credits are more, and you can get them through the options described above. Credits are very important in the game, and through ranking high in the battle pass, you can collect them.
Season 1 Premium Battle pass is a hack to increase your battle pass to high and get lots of credits. But if you are a free player who also passes the match and gets a high rank, you can collect credits.
Credits can be used in the shop and return you will be able to collect items. But the loot available through credits is limited, which can be earned when you have more Call of Duty Mobile points.

Call of Duty Mobile Points

Call of Duty Mobile points unlocks more options to earn in this game. Unfortunately, not many Call of Duty Mobile points is available unless you spend real money and get the Premium Season 1 Battle Pass.
This Premium ticket costs $9.99, but the benefits are huge. The Call of Duty Mobile point collection obtained through the Battle pass is as high as 800 CP at level 93. But when you play the challenge you can get a decent amount of CP. But you need to download the Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk version, otherwise, you won’t get this chance.

You should know 12 COD Mobile cheats and hacks

Many gamers have been looking for ways to use CODM cheats since their release date. These players use the Call of Duty apk file hack. But Kabar Games does not promote the hacked version. Instead, play this game through its original gameplay and enjoy a complete adventure.

Control Scheme

Call of Duty Mobile is a control game, and you have to play through the mechanics at the start. Players love the smart and sophisticated control system. But the advanced system is a better choice when you can detect and shoot with the same button. This saves a lot of ammo.
If you are not in control of the better scenario, it is advisable not to seek competitive challenges.
Playing multiple matches with AI Bot is the best Call of Duty Mobile hack to get into the control system. However, the XP received through these matches is not much compared to the actual match scenario. But it was designed as a practice match, and you can take advantage of it.

Choose Loadout According to Your Gameplay Strategy

Each player has a choice on their gameplay mechanics, and COD Mobile’s weapon selection should be matched to that. The game consists of various types of weapons and an arsenal of weapons ranging from AK47s to rifles and more. The best COD Mobile hack that Kabar Games can suggest is to get your best weapon as early as possible to take down your enemies.
However, be careful in multiplayer play as their weapons purchased and upgraded via in-app purchases are always on the best side of the game.

Watch Your Enemy

In multiplayer RPG games, your main role is to survive because enemies can come from any side. The more careful you are, the safer you are in the game. Playing with headphones is a better Call of Duty Mobile hack to know enemy movements. Before looting, you have to find all the enemies around and shoot them. Depending on the weapon you’re using, you’ll have to choose your route to fire from a distance or to approach the nearest rear.

Use Scorestakes

Use the available score takes because they are the best Call of Duty Mobile hack to get better XP points in this game. It’s good to use all three score takes when available. If you wait, you may lose some points, or even have a smaller chance of progressing. But when you use it, you are in a better position.

Collect All Rewards Manually

Level-up rewards are given to you automatically, but other rewards must be collected manually. After you complete the challenge of passing the battle, the rewards come to your inbox. But if you don’t collect it manually, it won’t be accepted. You should frequently check your inbox to collect all the prizes received. If you don’t use this COD Mobile hack, you might lose some valuables.

Daily and Weekly Tasks

When you start playing—unless you were a champion of Call of Duty Mobile from the previous version—you might be amazed at the variety of options in this game. The best COD Mobile cheat is to follow the Task mode in this game. Daily and weekly tasks are given in this game which ensures you have a very good path to getting rewards. Through this Task, you can rotate your battle pass meter quickly.
Find missions that give you better rewards for leveling up fast. Missions with high Battle points are the best.

Know the Mission Before You Begin

Each mission has an individual goal, and you need to concentrate on this work only. When you are given the option to kill 15 enemies with a rifle, you cannot get the reward unless you meet these criteria. So, watch the game carefully so that your goals are met.
Multiplayer and Battle Royale are two important modes where you get a large number of rewards. But before you start, familiarize yourself with the missions and features.
This is another best Call of Duty Mobile hack which can give you an added advantage.

Learn Map

Call of Duty Mobile contains various maps previously in this game. The CODM map is an important feature in this game as it gives you a clear understanding of your hiding place. In RPGs, you are in a better position when you are at a higher level behind some guards. Your shield is best used when you know the map accurately. Revealing enemies on the map is a COD Mobile cheat that you should use.

Rare Events

Some rare events will give you loot chests, credits, and other items. You can get this from the left side of the screen. When you click on this menu, you will get a list of activities that you must complete. You can achieve some rewards after completing this Task for regular players which includes loot and credits. But you have to claim it when you’re done.

Lighting Up the World

Currently, you can take part in these events and win various prizes. The number of matches you play will contribute to this event. Similar special events will also be arranged at certain times, and you will have to enter them and collect various rewards. But if you play this game via Call of Duty Mobile mod apk, you will not be able to receive it.

ID Tag Collection

Various advantages in terms of rewards are also available through the COD Mobile to hack for ID tag collection. By ensuring a certain number of kills in multiplayer matches and Battle Royale, you can collect these ID tags. Check your Ranking, and you can get reward opportunities afterward.

Exchange Card XP

There are some easy COD Mobile cheats in this game that you should know. Friends can exchange XP cards in Call of Duty Mobile. At the top of the menu, there is a Friend Tab and select your friend’s name and tap XP, you can send them some XP.

Message from Game News

Call of Duty is the main game in the Battle Royale version, and in COD mobile the game is intrinsically made with their most famous maps, weapons, and gameplay techniques.
Similar to its popularity, the fans and players of Call of Duty are also massive. But provides this COD Mobile cheat for those of you who are new to this game and have started to feel the excitement. However, as this most popular game develops, Kabar Games will provide more tips.
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