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how to grow taller in one week

how to grow taller in one week


Height and shortness are genetic characteristics that children take from parents, and growth hormones, a healthy lifestyle and exercise in them interfere, and height growth usually stops after the end of puberty, but some exercise may contribute to a person gaining a few extra centimeters. In this regard, the “consultant” reviews the following pages, exercises that help in grow taller about 2 centimeters in just one week,

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1- “Cobra” exercise

Cobra exercise is an important exercise for the health of the body because it has many benefits, and it has also been proven effective in tightening and stretching the muscles of the body. It can be done daily in the following way: – Lie on your stomach, then rest on your arms while keeping the body taut. Lift the upper part of the body with a load on the arms, and straighten the leg of the leg to be touching the ground. Fixation in that position for 15 seconds, then rest by lying on the stomach while keeping the body straight, and repeat the exercise for at least ten times.

2- The “forward stretch” exercise

This exercise helps to relax and extend the muscles of the body, and it does not cause any pain after completion, and it can be repeated twice a day. And it can be done in the following way: – Sitting on the ground in an upright position, taking care of the straightness of the back and the leg well. Straighten the arms well in an attempt to touch the tip of the leg’s metatarsal without bending the back. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.

3 – Exercise the pulley

The barbell exercise is one of the most popular exercises To grow taller, which has proven effective with many, and it is easy and simple and can be repeated more than once a day. Install a pipe on the inside frame of your bedroom door. – Try to stick to the pipe and take care of the individual body. Bend your hands slightly and straighten them hard. Repeat previous steps from 20 to 30 seconds

4- Foot jumping exercise

Foot jumping exercise helps to stimulate the muscles of the foot and stimulate it appropriately, but you must be careful when doing this exercise, and do some warm-up movements before doing it to stimulate the muscles. It can be performed in the following way: – Kicking the foot up in the air, as if you were kicking a ball. Fixing the foot in the air without placing it on the ground. – Switching between the feet, taking care to repeat the same length of time for each foot equally.

5- Dry swimming

Swimming is one of the most helpful and stimulating sports in height, but if swimming is not ready, a simulation exercise can be done of body movements to obtain a comparable result, by following the following steps: – Lie on the stomach while tightening the muscles of the body. Pull the arms forward and then slowly move them back while keeping them tight. Lift the metatarsal of the leg slightly from the foot and straighten it, then repeat the command with the other foot. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 seconds.

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