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How to Host and Participate in Twitter Chats

Over 48.35 million people in the US use Twitter. Twitter is a widely used social media platform that offers a lot of content. Its users get a chance to share their opinion and connect with different people across the world. Through Twitter chat rooms, one can also get genuine reviews and opinions of their brand or products, which used to improve the performance of the company. So to know more about this feature and to grow your business, stick to the end.

What are Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats are scheduled conversations. These scheduled chats are held within a particular period, say once in a week or month.

These chats may happen for 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the hosts and the interest of participants. And there could be discussions about five questions to 15 questions.

All discussions begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Participates may also interact with each other and make new online friends. But one should always remember they must not ruin the ongoing conversations in the chat rooms.


Now, how can you get benefited by these chat rooms professionally? Surely it will help one to make friends but do they help to promote your brand and company?YES! These chat rooms will bring the audience to your page and increase engagement.By hosting a chat room, you can reach several participants who share the same interest as you and your brand.

Participate in Twitter Chats

If you are not comfortable in hosting one, then be a participant and take part in some of these chat rooms. Participating in the more popular chats will also help to attract an audience and increase your followings.

Find relevant Twitter chats:

Once you know your field of interest and want to join a group, here are a few things you can do.

  • Go through accessible Tweet Reports. Tweet Reports have search options, one can easily search the topics that interest them, and the user can conveniently narrow it down accordingly.
  • One can search for popular hashtags. And when the result shows up, the participant can choose any chat they want to participate in.
  • Or one can always find their favourite influencer and look at which conversations they are participating in, and the user can then join the same if they want.

Preparing for Twitter Chats

  • While participating, one must behave. Accordingly, the participant should maintain decency and should not interfere.
  • One should be a responsible participant and be friendly while having conversations.
  • Set a reminder so that you can be ready for the chat if you don’t want to jump in the last minute.
  • Do some research before the chat begins, so that you can equally participate in the conversations.
  • Prepare your introduction. Conversations often start with participants’ introduction.
  • Inform your followers that you are going to participate in one of these chat rooms.
  • When participating in one conversation, don’t get distracted by the side chats. Always keep the focus on the questions to have an active discussion.

Host a Twitter chat

If you want to host a chat, it is no big deal. Follow the tips mentioned below:


  • First, make sure on which topic the discussion should be based on. The one that fulfils you and your company’s interest is the best, to begin with.
  • Preparing a topic list is always better. Try to schedule the topics accordingly.
  • Make a short and convenient hashtag to share. Long and unclear hashtags could easily be ignored.
  • Research other industries’ chats, so they don’t overlap with yours. And once the host has done all preparation, select a good time and schedule the chat.
  • Keep your followers updated about the upcoming chat session.
  • Brainstorm some excellent and engaging questions to have exciting conversations with the participants. To make the discussions more appealing, try to take help with pictures, graphics, videos and GIFs
  • Close the conversation, with an impressive conclusion.

Follow the tips mentioned above and host a successful Twitter chat session.

Source-Host and Participate in Twitter Chats

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