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How to Identify the Tiffany Jewelry is Real or Not

Buying Tiffany Jewelry

Many people have trouble buying jewelry because they do not know what to look for. However, you should be careful because jewelry is not only about money; There is also an emotional component. Take a look at our Tiffany jewelry tips to give you an idea of ​​choosing the correct piece.

Among the most important jewelry purchases tips, you can always buy jewelry from a reputable store and carefully read the warranty policy.

Before buying something from an online store, it is better to read policies regarding shipping costs, returns and guarantees. Also, look for comments from the buyer online.

When buying gold, make sure that gold has the right karat. A Karat brand indicates how much gold has been mixed in the mixture of other metals.

Pure gold bar is 24 karat.

The jewelry that has a higher karat will typically cost more. A pure gold bar is 24 karat. The 18 K Jewelry term refers to jewelry containing 18 gold parts mixed with 6 parts of another metal. Make sure your jewelry is marked with the company’s registered trademark and the Karat claim.

One of the most important jewelry purchase tips when it comes to gems, is taking care of imitations in plastic and glass. Synthetically manufactured stones are less expensive than naturally minted stones.

Gems are usually measured by weight. The basic unit to fish precious stones is the chilata. Find out your jeweler about the care of your precious stone.

4 C’s Of Diamond

When buying diamond jewelry, keep in mind 4 c es, that is,

  • color
  • cut
  • clarity
  • and
  • carats.

The weight of the diamond is measured in carats.

Diamond surfaces can often be filled with other substances or can be treated with laser to eliminate failures. Your jeweler must be able to inform you about any filling that may not be permanent.

Many jewelers can sell cubic zirconia as diamonds with names, such as “Russian diamonds”. The cubic zirconia resemble diamonds, but are actually made in the laboratory and, therefore, much more affordable than diamonds.

At Find some cubic and affordable zirconia jewelry. Election of cubic zirconia rings, cubic charms of Zirconia Tiffany, cubic zirconia necklaces, cubic zirconia pendants and cubic zirconia bracelets.

Tiffany Cross Necklace

How to say the difference of a counterfeit Tiffany jewelry.

Many brand items are often falsified and sold at lower prices. This is true of many design items, including pockets, shoes and jewelry.

It is especially true in Tiffany’s jewelry, perhaps one of the most popular types of jewelry that is available. If you are interested in buying Tiffany jewelry, but you want to make sure you are not getting a fake, here are some things to keep in mind that it will allow you to say the difference between what is real and what can be a fake.

One of the most important things for you to consider when buying Tiffany & Co. or any branded article, is that you should never rely on an email or unsolicited message of any service.

Egnore This If it Likely happening with you

Tiffany’s will never send spam email offer to sell your expensive jewelry at lower prices. If you get one of those emails or if someone sends a message through another service, simply ignore it, or better yet, report it as a scam.

Will not only help you avoid the possibility of buying something that is falsified, you can also be helping someone else to avoid the problem too?

It is also important that you understand that Tiffany’s will never sell your jewelry at a discounted price. They do not run sales, as they do many of the other jewels that are popular.

Throughout the same lines, there are never exit stores that are going to sell Tiffany jewelry at a discounted price and you will never find any of your items sold in a wholesale location.

In most cases, when you see such an offer, it will make the affirmation buy your jewelry from China and get a discount. Tiffany’s makes all its own jewels in the United States, with some selected items that are made in Mexico, Spain or Italy.

You should also be familiar with the way Tiffany marks your jewelry. Each piece of Tiffany jewelry is going to be stamped with the Tiffany & Company brand, and in most cases, it is also going to stamp with the date the item was marked.

This is also true of many other pieces of high quality jewelry. In some cases, counterfeit jewelry is not going to be stamped in the same way, so it will be easy to identify as a fake.

Tiffany jewelry online

If you are buying any piece of Tiffany jewelry online. even including on eBay or any other Online auction website like Bidsquare or Liveauctionners, make sure that the markings are clearly shown in the photograph. If there is any doubt, ask the seller to post additional pictures.

Another important thing you can do to determine if you are looking for the counterfeit Tiffany jewelry, it is shared with what is available on the Official website of Tiffany & Co.

It is true that some people sell used items and can get those to a lowest price. , but it is always a good idea to confirm the fact that it is legitimate.

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How to Detect Tiffany’s Fake jewelry.

Tiffany links:

Tiffany jewelry links have a similar feature that share many bags. The gap, or the affection of non-space. This refers to the difference between the bonds of economic manufacturing and the quality and crafts of authentic links.

In the bags called O-rings, but in this sense Tiffany, we will call them links. The biggest error done, and it is not necessarily an error, but a saving technique, is that the links in the counterfeit Tiffany jewelry pinched together.

And there will be a line in the link where the two closed ends were closed. A notable gap. Study the links, and look for the line, or the gap, in the link, if this function is evident, it is very likely that it is a false piece of Tiffany.

No gaps:

The authentic linked jewelry made by Tiffany will have little or no sign of being pinched together. This is because an authentic link soldered, with a high level of craft and detail, and then leave little or no trace of any empty line.

Source / Stamps:

Tiffany jewelry is stamped with high quality, “Tiffany & Co.” logo. Accompanying this seal is usually the precious metal, for silver, brand: for example.

Tiffany & Co. 925, or T & Co. 925). Many times, Tiffany will seal her jewelry with the actual date, the piece was originally marked, the Tiffany logo and the precious percentage of metals.

This will always be in the same order: [Date, logo seal, metal content]. Example: 2001 Tiffany & Co. 925. Be careful with any jewelry that has this incorrect order, which must raise an immediate red flag.

By implementing these basic and rapid tips, you can delete many of the Tiffany pieces circulating in the open market. Good luck and safe purchases!

Meaning of the mark of 92.5 in Tiffany jewelry.

Do you know what is the meaning of the mark of 92.5 in Tiffany jewelry? To determine the silver content, use UU. Use the Silver Standard.

This means that there are 92.5 percent sterling silver and alloy of 7.5 per cent in silver, which can increase the durability of jewelry. Tiffany jewelry has jewelry with Tiffany & Co. brand logo and others with 92.5 brands inside rings, charms, bracelets or classes in necklaces and bracelets.

It is impossible for jewelry to be real if there are no brands in it. The 925 brands often use to indicate the brand.

Among the Tiffany jewels, there are some with the 950 marks, which indicates a higher silver content and less alloy. In addition, check the brands with the care of the official store to make sure you have obtained real jewels.

Be sure to obtain a signed supplier invoice when you buy something. It is not likely that there is a false receipt since the seller lacks an invoice.

In jewelry, cultured pearls or imitation pearls generally replace natural pearls, since natural pearls are rare. Buy colored pearls, you should know if they are natural, dyed or treated.

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