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How to Identify Types of Flies and the Type of Infestation? 

It is bad enough to live with these wicked one-winged insects. But when they invite their friends over to your house, the real problem will start as it will lead to a full-blown fly infestation on your property.  

Along with homeowners, most business owners have, are, and will struggle with flies infestation at some point. Hence, before hiring a commercial pest control Perth company, gathering little information about flies infesting your property is essential. 

How to Identify Indoor Flies?

Identifying the enemy that you are facing is very necessary. It will help you choose an effective and efficient treatment plan. Here are some of the prevalent indoor flies you may encounter on your property:


Also known as Musca domestica, the housefly is the most common pest attacking our home. These flies have entered nearly every continent from Central Asia. They are about ¼ of an inch long and usually prefer to reside in tropical climates.

This fly survives on the garbage and animal droppings. Even though these flies don’t bite, they can carry as many as 100 diseases. They usually pick them from crawling and feeding on decaying organic matter before feeding on human food. 

These flies are so dangerous that they can spread or transmit intestinal, skin, and eye infections. Additionally, female flies can lay more than 400 eggs during their short lifespan. These insects will enter your home through openings like doors and windows. 

Usually, they target compost piles or uncovered trash cans and make them their breeding grounds. So, ensure you keep garbage cans fitted and sealed.  

Fruit Flies 

Drosophilidae or fruit flies are a fast-producing species of flies that can be found indoors and outdoors. They are known to be most active during the summer but can infest indoor spaces all year. They are about ⅛ inch long and have tan and black bodies and red eyes. 

As their name suggests, fruit flies feed on fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, squash, grapes, rotting bananas, potatoes, and onions. These flies can enter your home or commercial property by passing through tiny openings. They can even pass through window screens. 

Places where unrefrigerated, uncovered fruit is fermenting, like houses, restaurants, and grocery markets, are the favourite places of fruit flies. However, they can also be found in drains, cleaning rags, and empty cans and bottles. 

These flies also don’t bite but are known to be more annoying than dangerous. However, they can contaminate food with fatal organisms and bacteria in some cases. 

Drain Flies 

Drain fly or Psychodidae or moth fly is the third type of housefly that can infest your homes. They are small and can be ⅕ to ⅙  long. You can easily spot them due to their furry,moth-like appearance. Like the other two flies, these winged critters don’t bite humans.

These flies need algae, bacteria, fungi, and other organisms to survive. Usually, these organisms are found within or around the scum inside pipes and drains. So, moth flies will breed and infest areas like bathrooms, where they can live near showers, bathtubs, sinks, and floor drains. Plus, they thrive in basement environments.

These flies have a fast infestation rate and can become a massive nuisance for home and business owners. Hence, it is better to contact a professional residential or commercial pest control in Perth to avoid damages. 

Signs of A Fly Infestation

Choosing the best treatment for a pest infestation is very necessary. And for that, you need not know the type of infestation you are dealing with. These indicators will help you determine whether you have a fly infestation on your hands or not: 

Adult Flies 

This is the most obvious sign of having a fly infestation. You will find many adult flies in your home. If you see numbers increasing each day, it is a sign of severe fly infestation, and you need to call professional fly control Melbourne promptly. 

To confirm your doubts, check the kitchen, bathrooms, basements, garbage cans, litter boxes, and drains for these winged creatures. 

Many flies, like wasps, are attracted to light, so look for them near a light source in your home. If you find a nest, call a wasp control Melbourne company of your choice without wasting time, as it can damage your property. 


Fly larvae are known as maggots. If you find maggots in your home, it indicates that flies are breeding actively. If left untreated and unchecked, it can lead to an infestation. Different flies can choose other places to breed, but some of the most common areas consist of compost cans, garbage bins, uncovered fruits, and drains. 

Buzzing Sounds

Flies are annoying because of their irritating buzzing sound, especially the large ones. If you hear a single fly buzzing past your ear, you need not worry about an infestation. However, if you hear a cluster of flies doing a scattered chorus humming, then the time has come for you to hire expert fly control Melbourne services. 

Final Words

When dealing with flies infestation, it is better to understand what you’re dealing with. Hence, we have included rudimentary information about houseflies. Plus, when dealing with fly infestations like wasps, it is better to ditch DIY efforts and book a professional wasp control Melbourne service, as it can cause significant damage to your property and hamper your health. 

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