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How to Make Flower Tea

Did you know that you can now add flowers to your tea? Anyone who has a scent of smell must admit that even if they don’t like flowers, they are drawn to their scent. Now you can taste their intoxicating fragrance by adding them to your tea.

Flowering tea, also known as blooming tea, is a handcrafted bundle of white and green tea leaves. They usually come crumpled artistically into clusters. You then place the clumps in hot water, which gets them to unfurl their leaves beautifully. The drinker is stimulated by not only the delicious taste of the tea but its aesthetics as well.

Brewing flowering tea

It is effortless to make flowering tea. All you need is a gorgeous glass teapot with an infuser. A major part of flowering tea’s charm comes from the glass teapot with infuser. You will not be able to see the flower bloom in full formation with a china teapot. With a glass teapot, you can see all the contents inside, and they are just beautiful as it is.

Firstly, you want to pour some warm water inside the glass teapot. This is to make it ready for the stream of boiling hot water that would be poured soon. We highly suggest that you NEVER pour boiling hot water without readying your glass teapot first. Let the warm water steep in the glass teapot with infuser for a minute or two. Then throw it out, and add boiling water to it. Once you have added the water to your satisfaction, you should add the flower tea ball. It will take around 5 minutes for the tea ball’s bottom to open up into a gorgeous design. Now you pour the tea into your cup and enjoy.

The flowering tea

Once you have brewed the tea, you will see the tea bundle give off a gorgeous light yellow-green color that is delightful to look at. The tea does not have a strong flavor, and instead a mild one due to the elongated green tea leaves. However, it is important to remember that these teas come with their own benefits. They not only freshen your mouth, but also settle your stomach, and each flower will have its own specific advantages. You don’t have to worry about it tasting like twigs or branches at all.

The best part about flowering tea is that there are so many different variations of it. There are different flavors and even different styles of making it. For example, during summers, you can make iced flowering tea as well if you like. It is a lot like making iced tea, but you have to just time dropping the tea ball and placement of the flower.

We suggest you make the tea beforehand and save the flower, which you can add in your glass teapot with infuser later. Just make sure that whenever you are making the flowering tea, you add the boiling water first, and then the tea ball.
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