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How To Pick The Right Tv Size?

Are you worried to see your kids watching tv too closely? Also, want to know which tv size is best to accomplish your needs? And still can’t find out whether you have a suitable space for the screen size you want. If these words are in your favour then you come to the right place. There are also other things to keep in mind like the tv resolution and layout of the room when picking the right tv size also we will discuss this later.  If you will not deal a suitable tv set that suits your room you might suffer from a bad experience letter. So placing the new tv set in the right place is as important as dealing with the suitable tv set. 

We realise that it’s not easy to decide which tv should you select. Because you have to consider many key points which can be tricky to solve without the right roadmap. And in this article, we try to gather every information that you should know when shopping for the right screen size that you wish to place in your home.

After reviewing this article you will feel confident to select the right tv size. So are you ready to make the most of your money by investing in the right television that comes with your every dream feature? So without playing any more time with your patience let’s discuss what you are impatiently waiting to unfold. 


Know About The Tv Resolution Or Pixel Configuration Before Tv Size 

Before further exploring the tv size and viewing distance first we will see the screen resolution. Let’s first get familiar with the most commonly available tv resolution present in today’s market.

  1. HDTV – High definitional or HD tv has a screen resolution of 1280*720 pixels
  2. FHDTV– full high definition tv (HDTV)  has a better screen resolution of1920*1080 pixels than common HDTV. 
  3. 4KHD or UHDTV– This ultra HD Tv has a screen resolution of 3840*2160 pixels.


Screen resolution is the most important thing to know about before buying any new tv. In simple terms, the more screen resolution you get better will be your picture quality. This pixel configuration not only influences the picture quality but also the viewing distance. It is significant to know that better screen resolution often minimizes the viewing distance. Because when the screen resolution increases the individual pixels become too small to be seen by the naked eye this, in turn, gives you rich picture quality. This is why 4K and 8K TVs are the most trendy in today’s time as they offer the best picture quality to their users. 

Always keep in mind the higher the screen resolution you choose better the picture quality you get. And when you get the best picture quality you create the best visual experience that gives you next-level enjoyment. 

LED TVs are the new norm and if you dont know which one is the best among numerous available then it’s time to unfold the best LED TVs in India by size. Where you will find out the best and right one that perfectly suits your home and better accomplish all your future needs. 

Find out the Ideal tv size for your room

Finding out the right tv size greatly depends on two major factors these are budget and the size of the room. So you need to examine both these factors before you finalise the right tv. Which tv size you are going to buy must depend on the size of your room where you are planning to place it. Also, you should aware of the fact that how immersive you want your viewing experience to be, and how far you will sit from the screen. 

How To Pick The Right Tv Size?

We admit that it’s not easy for you to check whether you have suitable space for the large tv size. To get out of this trouble you can follow a simple rule of thumb that you can apply right now without any complication. First of all, you have to calculate the total distance from the actual tv spot to your seating in inches. After that divide the distance by 2 and you will get the desired tv screen size. 

Formula = (available viewing distance in inches/2=recommended tv size)

For instance, you have 10 feet or 120 inches of available distance from the tv wall. Then divide this 120 inches of distance by 2, the desired 60 inches will be your screen size. This screen size can be anyone from HD, Full HD, or 4K depending on your personal choice.

After you calculate the screen size that is the best fit for your room now it’s time to see the ideal height to mount the tv. It is not worth expecting the sitting position and viewing angles to be the same for everyone in the family. Therefore it is worth placing the tv in the vertical centre that matches the eye level of the adult while sitting.

Apart From tv Size What Else Is Worth Keeping In Mind

When buying a new tv set, there are many other things to keep in mind apart from tv size. We try to provide you with the information in one spot. So you dont need to visit several websites to find out the right guidelines. Let’s unfold what else you should focus on before finalizing the tv. By considering them into your list you can enjoy a better experience without any regret. 

  1. Avoid placing the tv near or before any light source because it can badly affect your eyes and viewing experience. Find that wall of your room from where the least sunlight receives. 
  2. You have to choose the right location for placing the tv. Before you mount your new tv find that spot where the cables can easily reach the power outlet. 
  3. Do not mount the tv on the cracked walls otherwise, your device would face terrible future incidents. 
  4. You can choose to mount the tv on the wall or place it using a tv stand, the choice is all yours. But mounted tv prooves best because doing this keeps the device safe all the time. Also, you have more space on the floor which you can use for other furniture.

Here we discussed the tv size but if you are willing to buy the best tv set that accomplishes your every need. Then at this moment, you need to go through the best tv buying guide.

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Wrapping up

Choosing the right size tv for your room is always a cumbersome task to execute. But this post will undoubtedly help you to find the best tv which accomplishes your every tiny need. Now you can choose the tv according to your needs and the size of the room. Buying a tv is the most dreadful task to execute and you can’t simply buy any good-looking tv. You have to be prepared for buying a new one and our post help you to turn your tedious task into the most interesting one. It is sure that if you go through this post honestly then you will not be stuck at any problem. So share when you find this guide useful in bringing the best product to your home

 Best wishes for your next best tv set!!
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