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How to See Your Doctor Virtually During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Undeniably, it’s a bolt from the blue situation for everyone that constantly swirls our head with the different ambiguities. Out of so many wearisome questions, one of the critical concerns is how to visit the doctors during this problematical situation?

Fortunately, there’s an unexpected benefit of this pandemic i.e.; Doctors can virtually see you now. Yes, you heard it right!!! It has become possible now to see your doctor virtually by maintaining social distance. As modern problems require modern solutions, the latest technology has made it comfortable for you to confer all your chronic pain problems with the doctor virtually.

Well, Telehealth services have also appeared as a glimmer of hope for the immunocompromised patients in this crucial time of the global pandemic. Telehealthcare provides safety to patients and makes them feel connected with their doctors. Additionally, it suppresses fear during coronavirus outbreak.

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Latest Rules on Telehealth during Coronavirus Outbreak

Telehealth services are getting immense popularity as public health experts are executing it as a way to flatten the curve and impending risk of coronavirus epidemic. According to the recent HIPAA health privacy law, the following platforms can be used to access telehealth services including;

  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger Video Chat
  • Apple FaceTime
  • Google Hangouts video

However, a range of different other electronic medical record softwares can also be used to provide premium-quality pain management services.

How Common is Telehealth for Pain Management

This phenomenon is getting substantial contemplation all over the globe. According to the American Telemedicine Association, around million of patients are using the latest technology to surmount their chronic pain issues, and the trend is growing extensively.

Telehealth Solutions for Pain Management

COVID-19, a severe infirmity caused by a coronavirus, has demanded the overall healthcare community to offer their services virtually. The appliance of telehealth facilitation enables people to stay inside the home to avoid the further spread of this deadly disease. Moreover, there is an excellent prospect for hospitals to prepare more emergency wards and isolation rooms for the affected patients.

That’s why, due to COVID-19, roughly all the pain clinics rely on the eVisit as it not only controls the exposure of germs but improves patients’ flow as well. Furthermore, this cost-effective way can burn-up coverage in various regions of the country. Now, with the help of eVisits, healthcare providers can effortlessly collect the appropriate information about the patients and conduct a visit in lesser time weigh against to in-office visit.

Along with the easy scheduling and virtual waiting rooms, physicians can effectively consult around ten patients in an hour. Precisely, telehealth for pain management is the new wave of the future.


There is a great saying that “when there’s a will, there’s a way.” So the application of the latest telehealth facilitation has emerged as the best solution in this challenging scenario. Its prosperous results are making telehealth facilitation a core preference for all the health care community.

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