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How to Start Agriculture Business – Tips and Process

The agriculture sector is the most always thriving, regardless of the economic environment of the country. It is considered to be the prime sector for any nation, as food is one of the necessities of a human being. Especially if we consider countries like India, also known as the agriculture country, where farming is the backbone of the country’s economy. For your reference, more than 60 – 70% of the Indian population are dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood. As I said earlier, the agriculture business is arguably the most profitable business out there. Today, we came up with this amazing blog to discuss the need for an agriculture business and how you can start your own farming business. So, let’s start this blog. 

What is Agriculture Business?

Agriculture business sector encompassing farming and other commercial farming related activities. The business includes proper resource management, production, processing, distribution (sales & marketing), and more. Agriculture business can potentially be a feasible business in India. 

The agriculture business can be classified into 3 major categories. Following are the categories of the agriculture business. 

  • Productive Resources – seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy, machinery, etc.
  • Agricultural Commodities – raw and processed commodities of food and fibre.
  • Facilitative Services – credit, insurance, marketing, storage, processing, transportation, packing etc.

What is the Need for Agriculture in India?

The agriculture business is the much-needed business of all time. However, since the revolution of the Internet, agribusiness got an enormous hike, and much new agriculture business has been set up. Other than this, the following are the reason behind the outpouring of the agriculture business in the last couple of years. 

  • With the constant rise of e-commerce, digital grocery stores have created an opportunity for agriculture enthusiasts to start their own farming business under the guidance of agriculture experts.   
  • Organic farming is one of the most trendy businesses in the current scenario. Several start-ups have come up with ideas like terrace farming. 
  • As the population is growing at a tremendous rate, the demand for food is also increasing. Apart from this, people are becoming conscious about their health. Here, organically grown food items are much more demanding and have a high market value.

Agriculture Business Category 

Generally, there are various types of agriculture businesses that you should opt for. It’s always advisable to opt for the business that is most suitable for you and your budget. Some businesses need heavy investment, while others need professional skills and knowledge. Following are the most profitable agriculture business ideas.

  • Agricultural Farm  
  • Verm compost Organic Fertilizer Production 
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business  
  • Organic Farm Green House 
  • Poultry Farming 
  • Mushroom Farming Business 
  • Sunflower Oil Farming 
  • Bee Keeping Business 
  • Fish Farming 
  • Fruits and Vegetables Export 
  • Botanical Pesticide Production

Agriculture Business – Important Tips and Techniques 

There are many important things that you should remember before starting your very own agriculture business. These includes

      • Decide which type of agriculture business suits you the most. There are several types of business ideas such as poultry farming, dairy farming, organic farming, vegetable farming, botanical farming and the most common field crop farming.
      • If you are planning to start a crop farming business, then the Kubota tractor is a great choice. Kubota tractor models are a very economical and powerful tractor model which fulfils all your farming needs. Remember, skills and money always play a vital role while initiating a farming business, so keep in mind.
  • Once you have chosen the most suitable farming business, the selection of land is another challenging task. Must ensure the chosen farm’s land ownership or lease agreement. In this way, you may secure the farm map, which basically includes farm boundaries and watering points. 
  • The distribution of produced crops is kind of a hassle until you produce according to the demand of the market. Research and identify the potential markets as well as the requirement to boost up your agriculture business. 
  •  It would be best to consider a bit of professional advice before finalizing the commodity for your business plan. The person should have enough ability and knowledge about the particular entity.
  • Evaluate economic potential, future opportunities for adding value to the chosen commodity and then source the information accordingly.
  • Planning for the required resource availability is a smart step if you want a hassle-free business. These resources are very important for the production of the desired commodity. 
  • The final step is to arrange the required finance from a reliable source to ensure hassle-free business. Agriculture loans are arguably the best option that you should go for. You can get a low-interest loan that provides a lot of ease to the farmer

I hope this blog will guide you to start your very own farming business. Drafting a business plan before starting a new business might be very beneficial for you. For more information about farming and implements, stay tuned with us. 
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