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How to Strategize Your Moving Boxes

Packing strategically can make your move hassle-free. Right kind of boxes, proper planning, listing and packaging can help you move without any problem. Taking care of little things can make your life easier.

Here we have rounded up a few tips and tricks for your packing and move to be as runny as possible.

Start Packaging at least a 20 days before moving

If you are planning to shift to a new house, it can be difficult to pack each and everything properly, carefully and in an organised way. The sooner you start packing, the lesser stressful will be the process. But it is equally important to prioritize your packing. Such as pack the items that you do not use, like items that are not required in the current season or food items kept for future use.

Cardboard Removal Boxes

Select the right packaging box and packaging strategy

There are different kinds of removal cardboard storage boxes available in the market such as large boxes, smaller boxes, double wall and single wall boxes, wardrobe box etc. It is vital to choose the boxes wisely and pack strategically.

  • Do not use Large boxes for heavy items

While packing is important to pack all your belonging strategically, this will protect your items during transit, especially during the long journey. The larger box can be enticing as more things can be packed in a box reducing the number of boxes. But stress and struggle may arise and can also injure people around if heavy items are packed in large boxes. Therefore, it is advisable to pack lighter items in large boxes whereas, heavier objects such as books in small size boxes.

  • Pack lighter things on top and heavy at the bottom

Putting heavier items on the top can crush or damage the items present at the bottom. Hence, arranging heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones above will help lighter objects to get through without being damaged.

  • Wrap everything that is fragile using a protective wrap

Things like crookery that is made up of glass, red soil or anything that easily breakable should be packed with utmost care. Use bubble wraps or other protective packaging supplies to protect them from damage. Use of cushions, thermacol or soft towels is also a very good option even for safeguarding electronic items.

  • Pack your closet in wardrobe boxes

Consider using wardrobe boxes for packing your clothes. They will keep your clothes crease-free and damage-free. They have multipurpose use. Dresses can be hanged using hangers in wardrobe storage boxes and space left at the bottom can be used for keeping shoes, purses and other kinds of stuff like folded clothes after wrapping it with paper.

Start Packing room by room

Packing room by room is an effective method of packing hassle-free. With this method, you will be able to organise all your belongings properly. Start with the least used room, say storeroom and move through the house room by room.

Label the boxes effectively

Another very important part of organising your move perfectly is labelling all your boxes. This will help you remember all your boxes and belongings. This will help you identify each and every cardboard container that needs to go. Do not forget to label the box that contains breakable items with ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ to avoid damage during transit.

Create a checklist

Create a checklist and use it while loading all your boxes for a move. The number of boxes, when written on a piece of paper, will not let you forget. The checklist will also be helpful while unpacking.
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