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How to Transfer Emails from Zimbra to Gmail?

Do you want to migrate Zimbra emails to your Gmail account? If Yes, then, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to transfer emails from Zimbra to Gmail in the easiest and most reliable way. We’ll show you how to export Zimbra to Gmail in this blog. Many Zimbra users want to import their emails, contacts, and calendar to Gmail, but they don’t know-how. So, we’re here to answer all of your questions about Zimbra to Gmail migration. Without taking more time let’s discuss some user queries that will be resolved in this article.

User Queries Related Zimbra to Gmail Conversion

“I’ve been using Zimbra to manage my emails. I have downloaded all messages to my local machine, which I have to sort into folders. Now I want to switch to Gmail and want to access all emails to Gmail account. So, I need to preserve my folder structure in order to migrate into Gmail account. So, please suggest me a full proof solution to transfer emails from Zimbra to Gmail with a single operation.

 How can I import all Zimbra email folders into Gmail, so that I can access them from anywhere? From the last few months, I try to switch into a Gmail account and migrate the entire Zimbra mailbox to Gmail account. But, not a single method is works for this situation. Now I fed up with this, and want a direct approach to export Zimbra emails to Gmail account. Suggest an appropriate solution for this situation.

Why do Zimbra Emails Need to be Migrated?

Zimbra is one of the reliable email clients that is responsible for managing users’ personal information, such as sending and receiving emails, events, and meetings, maintaining contacts and address books, and so on. It also includes a specific folder for storing and managing critical and confidential documents for the user. It is a unique component of the Zimbra mail client that distinguishes it from all mail clients. However, as we all know, that Zimbra email application has numerous advantages but some disadvantages will be there which insist a user to switch to Gmail. Platform independent, storage management issue, require additional tool for manage, are such situation where Zimbra does not work effectively. So, that we opt Gmail to overcome all drawbacks of Zimbra.

Instant Solution to Migrate Zimbra Emails to Gmail

Use Zimbra to Gmail Wizard to automatically transfer emails from Zimbra to Gmail account with few simple steps. The tool supports all Windows editions successfully. You can forward multiple emails from Zimbra Mail to Gmail using this tool. The tool offers several smart options for transferring Zimbra mailboxes to Gmail accounts without losing any data. It is a completely safe and robust solution for those users who want to save Zimbra emails with their original structure. The software’s user interface is so easy to use that anyone can easily import Zimbra emails to a Gmail account.

Stepwise Process to Migrate Zimbra to Gmail

Follow the given steps carefully in order to convert Zimbra emails to Gmail account with all Meta Properties.

  • Launch the suggested software on your local machine and begin the migration process of Zimbra mailbox to Gmail.

Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Now, choose Select File/ Select Folder option to load Zimbra email folders sequentially.

Add Zimbra TGZ File

  • Thereafter, the software displays all the Zimbra email folders and subfolders to the software screen.

  • Select the required email folder and click on the Next tab.

  • Now, fill the credential details of the Gmail account and click Next.

  • It will take few seconds and provide a prompt message to the software.

So this is the complete process of converting Zimbra emails to Gmail account along with all Meta properties.

Highlighted Features to Migrate Zimbra Emails to Gmail

  1. Import Zimbra Emails – The software offers two options to load Zimbra emails to the software screen. Users can choose either Select Files or Select Folder option to load the entire Zimbra emails with a single operation.
  2. Migrate Multiple Zimbra Emails—No matter how many emails you have in your Zimbra account. The software successfully performs batch conversion of all emails from Zimbra to Gmail account.
  3. File Naming Options – It provides a variety of file naming conventions to help data management. To keep your emails in a professional manner, you can name them whatever you want.
  4. Compatible with all Windows OS– This application can run on the current version of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and so on.
  5. Simple and Reliable Tool– The suggested software is one of the expert solution for migrating Zimbra emails to Gmail account. It is very simple to use. It can be used without difficulty by both technical and non-tech users.
  6. Preserves folder Structure– Throughout the process, this software preserves the original folder hierarchy of all Zimbra emails.

 Final Words

This article describes how to effectively transfer emails from Zimbra to Gmail account, including all mailbox folders with a single operation. There are several third-party approaches are available in the marketplace for the same process. But no one has the capability to migrate multiple Zimbra emails to Gmail account without any data loss. I hope this article has assisted you in determining the best way to export Zimbra to Gmail. The software’s a trial version that can only export the first 25 emails from each folder of a Zimbra to a Gmail account. After checking the efficiency you can go with the licensed version.

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