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How to troubleshoot Echo Show Problems?

If you give the command to your Amazon Echo Show device,  you expect it to perform the requested task without any hassle.  Although,  this does not happen all the time when it comes to  Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant.   Oftentimes your Alexa says ” I am sorry, I didn’t quite get that ” or it may perform different actions then the command you have given.  Such a situation could be very frustrating, but you can easily troubleshoot Alexa Echo Show problems by following some simple and straightforward steps. In this post, we are going to cover the most common issue associated with the Amazon Echo Show device along with the troubleshooting solutions.

Echo Show Common Issues and their Troubleshooting Solutions

  • Amazon Echo Show  a disconnect from the Wi-Fi

If your Amazon Echo Show device is not staying connected to the wireless network then there are certain ways you can follow to fix the connectivity issues.

The very first thing you need to do is to power cycle everything-  Amazon Echo Show speaker, router, and modem.  After this, you need to try streaming the audio for  2 to 3 minutes to check if the problem is still there. If yes,  you need to move the speaker away from the other devices in your home and prefer to place it closer to the router.  Try to switch your Echo Show  Speaker to 5Ghz  channel to avoid interference.

  • Echo Show  is unable to understand your command

When you give a command to the Amazon Echo Show device, it may respond to you back saying ” I am sorry, I did not quite get that”.  This usually happens, when the smart voice assistant Alexa is unable to comprehend your request.  Fortunately,  with some newly added features,  you can ask Alexa what she has heard by saying “Alexa, tell me what you heard.

Make sure that you have please your device in an open space away from the noisy household items such as hairdryer, TV, dishwasher, etc.  It may help your Echo device to hear better.

Also,  you can use the voice training tool from the Alexa profile settings.  All you need is to read 25 phrases loudly in a ‘Typical Voice from the Typical distance” so that Amazon Alexa would you able to understand your pronunciation and cadence.  This will share the customized Alexa experience with you.

  • Accidental Activation

You may see a  number of shows and commercials on the TV talking about Amazon Alexa or you may have pronounced the word that sounds similar to the “Alexa”,  that leaves your smart speaker activated and confused. Fortunately,  there are certain troubleshooting guidelines you can follow to minimize this problem:

  • Simply say, “Alexa, why did you do that?”,  this feature will let you have a clear insight into why Amazon Alexa performed this action.
  • Now,  move your speaker to the far location from the television.
  • You can press the mute button present on the top of the device while watching the TV.
  • You can change the wake word from default “Alexa” to either ‘Amazon’ or ‘Computer’ to avoid this confusion.

So,  these are some common issues associated with the Amazon Echo Show device that may appear and hamper your smart User experience.  However,  with the help of simple steps above,  these problems can be easily resolved. But,  if you are unable to fix Alexa Echo Show problems even after following the steps above,  or there is something else wrong with your Amazon Echo Show device then we recommend you contact the Echo experts and take the professional guidance to find the most reliable solution to your problem. The experts will share the best advice with you and make sure that nothing hampers the Echo Show experience.

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