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How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms?

The Messenger Rooms is the latest video calling service that is expected to be competing with Zoom.

This brings in a new way to hang out with your favorite people by allowing 50 people to come together for a video call. One interesting fact about Messenger Rooms is that you don’t necessarily have to be a Facebook user to enjoy this service.

Messenger Rooms offers a lot of features that are similar to other video chatting platforms. For example, you can apply virtual backgrounds like in Zoom, add effects and filters to your face, share your screen with others, lock your chat room, and many more.

So, let’s get started and explore all the features of this amazing platform.

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Rooms in the Messenger App?

  • First, open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Then click on the “People” tab, you will find the “Create a Room” option. Tap on that.
  • Once you start creating a Messenger Room, Facebook will ask, if you want to create an open link. If you activate this option, then anyone including the non-Facebook members       will be eligible to access your room.

If you want to limit this participation to Facebook users, you must select the “Only                         people on Facebook” option from the “Who can join” tab.

  • Once your audience permissions are set, tap on the “Share Link” button. You can send this link to other participants via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other preferred platform.

How to Create Messenger Rooms on the Facebook App?

A lot of settings like link sharing, audience permission remain the same as Messenger itself.

However, if you are using Messenger Rooms on Facebook then you can enjoy some added features. Here, you can schedule when to make your room go live through the “Start Time” setting.

This could be useful if you are planning to host a live concert or webinar using the service.

Below, are the ways by which you can create Messenger Rooms through the Facebook app.

Through the News Feed:

  • Move to the Rooms option on the homepage.
  • Tap on “Create.”
  • Once the Room is created you can also add room activities, choose who can identify your room, and schedule your activities.
  • To choose who is invited, tap the “settings” option. Now select the “Friends” you want to share the Room with.
  • Once all the participants have been chosen, hit “Save.”

In a Facebook group:

  • Tap on “Groups” from your News Feed.
  • Select the group you want to create a Messenger Room with.
  • Tap the camera icon.
  • Enter a room activity and press “Save.”
  • The Room will be created successfully for that particular group.

How to Use Messenger Rooms on the Desktop?

To be able to use Messenger Rooms on your Windows PC or Mac. You will have to download the Facebook Messenger app to share your screen with other participants.

Although, you won’t be able to use filters, effects, virtual backgrounds, or call scheduling through the desktop app.

Still, the desktop app will prove to be more helpful as it will allow a larger screen view.

The Messenger Rooms can be created instantly using the desktop app.

How to Use Virtual Backgrounds on Facebook Messenger Rooms?

You can simply tap on the window where you see yourself and a lineup of options will appear at the bottom of your screen. Just the way you do it on Instagram or Snapchat to use effects, filters, or virtual backgrounds.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Facebook Messenger Rooms?

The following are the privacy and safety measures you might consider taking while using Facebook Messenger Rooms.

  • Locking: Call admins can lock/unlock a room once a call begins. It alters the possibility of others joining in between.
  • Removing a participant: You can remove participants by tapping the “Remove” button next to their names.
  • Reporting: A room name can be reported if you believe it violates Facebook’s community standards.
  • Blocking: When you block a user on Facebook or Messenger, they won’t be able to join a room if you are in. Similarly, you won’t be able to join a room that they are in.

So, that’s about everything you should know to be able to join/create a Room on Facebook Messenger Rooms.

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Source: How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms?
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