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How to Use the Latest Version of Whatsapp GB, Anti Block, Block, and Banned

With Whatsapp GB, now users can use anything with WhatsApp chats, including setting up automatic replies if you don’t want to check your cellphone or want to log connection times and log-off on WhatsApp contacts. Compared to other types of WhatsApp Mod, such as YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApps, GB WhatsApp is more popular because this application provides more interesting features that are not found on the official WhatApp. To find out other interesting features, see the reviews below.


There are many interesting features available on GB WhatApp that cannot be obtained from the Official WhatsApp, such as hiding the ‘Last Seen’, here are some other interesting features of GB WhatsApp.

  • It can send videos up to 50MB in size, while the official app is only allowed to send videos up to 16MB.
  • On this app can officially send images up to 100 images at once, while on the official application only about 30 images at once.
  • It can hide several features such as blue ticks, double ticks, last seen, status, typing, which are not found in the official application.
  • It can set group names up to 35 characters.
  • It can change the whatsapp theme
  • It can send messages to other people in more than 100 different languages.
  • It can be used in 2 accounts at the same time in 1 cellphone with an official whatsapp account.
  • It can hide your name so that it is not registered with people who see the status.
  • On GB WhatsApp, you can schedule messages to be sent.
  • The GB WhatsApp feature has more and more interesting new emoji support.
  • It has a DND mode which is useful for deactivating the internet connection only on the GB WhatsApp application.
  • It can send broadcast messages to groups.
  • It also supports sharing on Live Location.
  • It can make calls to numbers that are not in contact.
  • Applications and chats can be locked using a password without the help of other applications.


Because GB WhatsApp is a moded version of whatsapp, the GB WhatsApp application is not available on the Google Play Store. How to install GB WhatsApp using the application that we downloaded via the GB WhatsApp link. However, there are several types of cellphones that sometimes have problems when installing the GB WhatsApp application, because this application is detected from an unknown source, so follow the steps below.

1. Open settings, select Security, check the ‘Unknow sources’.

2. Download the link and install the application

3. Once installed, open the application and click Agree and continue

whatsapp gb

4. After that enter the phone number and a phone number verification command will appear like the official WhatsApp.

how to use whatsapp gb

5. After that GB WhatsApp will ask for a phone number confirmation code with a one time password (OTP)

6. Enter the OTP code that has been received, and you can use the GB WhatsApp application on your Android phone.



The home screen is the main display when you first open the GB WhatsApp application. The following will explain the menus on the home screen based on the existing numbering as shown below.

using whatsapp gb

  1. WhatsApp , this menu serves to hide contacts or groups that you don’t want to display on the home screen. To bring it up you just press whatsapp writing then enter the password or pin that you previously set.
  2. DND MODE , this menu functions to turn off the internet connection only on the GB Whatsapp application.
  3. Search icon , serves to search for contacts or certain sentences and words in the chat.
  4. Contact icon , serves to display the list of WhatsApp contacts alphabetically.
  5. Main Menu , functions as a menu that contains almost all GB WhatsApp shortcuts.
  6. Camera , functions to open the cellphone camera and then the results of the image can be shared with friends on Whatsapp contacts.
  7. Chats column , contains all chat lists, including group chats.
  8. Status column , contains a list of status made by your friends and contacts.
  9. Call column , contains a list of contacts who have made calls to your contacts.
  10. Floating Button , contains menus or other shortcuts, which are useful for quickly entering certain menus on GB WhatsApp.


The main menu or the three dot menu in the upper right corner contains almost all the shortcuts that are on this app. The main menu on GB WhatsApp includes:

MAIN COURSE whatsapp gb

  1. Privacy , this menu is used to set privacy, which we look forward to applying to all existing contacts. In it there are many sub menus that will be explained after the explanation of the main menu section.
  2. GB Settings , GB Settings menu is useful for entering advanced settings. In this menu what will differentiate between official Whatsapp and GB whatsapp. Because it contains all the settings that are unique / unique to GB WhatsApp.
  3. Restart, the menu used to restart GB whatsaap when suddenly an error, or when you have just changed something related to the display.
  4. Custom Chats
  5. Message Scheduler , this menu serves to create scheduled messages that will be sent according to the time you specify.
  6. Broadcast Message to Groups, functions to send broadcast messages to groups.
  7. New Group , a menu that functions to create a new group
  8. New Broadcast , serves to create a new broadcast (live streaming).
  9. WhatsApp Web , serves to connect GB WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web.
  10. Starred Message, used to display a list of messages or chats that were previously marked with a star.
  11. Status , serves to create a status either using an existing status template or create your own status.
  12. Settings , serves to set the default for the WhatsApp application. This menu contains all the settings menu as in the official whatsapp version.


Privacy menu contains all personal settings such as online status display settings, blue tick, double tick, typing status, recording, blue mic, show status view, and turn off anti drag. The following explanation:


  1. Show Online Status (Show Online Status) , functions to hide and display online status when you are opening GB WhastApp.
  2. Blue Tick (Blue Tick) , the blue tick is a sign that the message you sent has been read. With the blue check menu, you can deactivate this feature so that incoming messages will only display a gray check mark even though you have read the message.
  3. Tick ​​Two (Second Tick) , the two tick icon in gray is a sign that the message sent has been received but has not been read. With the second tick menu you can deactivate check two so that one check will be displayed even if the message has been received or not.
  4. Typing Status (Writing Status), by default when you type a message there will be a sign that you are typing on the chat screen. This menu allows you to disable it.
  5. Recorcing , with this menu you can turn off the recording display when you are recording a voice or it is often called a voice note.
  6. Blue Mic (Blue microphone) , this menu can disable the alert when you have listened to the voice recording that is sent.
  7. Show / Hide View Status , is a sign that someone can see when you have seen their status. This menu allows you to disable it.

Hopefully this explanation of How to Use this app can make it easier for you to use and GB WhatsApp. Hopefully the information provided is useful.
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