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Hunza Vacations

State of Hunza

E. F. KnightHunza was a princely state bordering China to the northeast along with Pamir to the North-West, that lasted to survive until 1974, as it had been eventually excavated by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Their state linking the Gilgit Agency to the south east west, the former princely state of Nagar to the east. Their state capital was the town of Baltit (additionally called Karimabad), also its particular old settlement is currently Ganish hotel in hunza we proud.

Hunza has been a completely independent principality for at least 900 decades . The British gained control of Hunza as well as also the northeast shore of Nagar between 1889 and 1892 followed closely by a military involvement of intensity. The afterward Thom (Prince) Mir Safdar Ali Khan of all Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and sought exactly what can be called political asylum.

The Mirs of Hunza delivered an annual tribute into its Kashmir Durbar before 1947, also along Using the ruler of Nagar, was regarded as among the most loyal vassals of this Maharaja of Kashmir[citation needed].

Initial Muslim Thum

The judgment family of Hunza is popularly called Ayeshe (heavenly), from the following circumstance. Both states of Hunza and also Nager were formerly one, ruled by means of a branch of the Shahreisand also the judgment family of Gilgit, whose chair of government was Nager. Tradition joins that Mayroo Khan, apparently that the first Mohommedan Thum of Nager several 200 years after the introduction of the faith of Islam to Gilgit, married a daughter of Trakhan of Gilgit, who bore him twin sons termed Moghlot along with Girkis. By the prior the current judgment category of Nager has been shrouded. The twins have been believed to have demonstrated hostility to another in the birth. Their father seeing this and not able to settle the matter of series, divided his state between them, giving to Girkis the northwest, and to Moghlot the southeast, bank of the iver.


The traditional name for the ruler within Hunza was Thum which is additionally a respectful appellation utilized by folks of Hunza and Nager who belong to the caste of Boorish. The Shin utilize the expression Yeshkun for its Boorish.

Both Thums continue to be addressed as Soori, like a title of respect. This really appears to be exactly the sam e [in meaning] because Sri, an appellation of Lakshmi, the Hindoo goddess of riches, generally habituated to the names of Hindoo princes from India, to denote their own honor and wealth. Even the Thum’s wives are styled ghenish which is nearly identical using the initial Sanscrit term for mom, and their toddlers are called gushpoor.


For most years, Hunza has given the quickest access to Swat and Gandhara for a person travelling . The route was impassable to luggage animals; merely individual porters could undergo, and then only with permission by the locals.

Hunza was easily defended whilst the paths were often less than half a metre (roughly 18″) wide. The high mountain paths often crossed bare cliff faces on logs wedged in to cracks from the pond, with rocks balanced on top. They were constantly vulnerable to regular harm from weather and falling rocks. These will be the much feared”hanging passageways” of the ancient Chinese histories that scared all, including a few famous Chinese Buddhist monks like Xuanzang.


Hunza’s tourist period is from May to October, as in winter the Karakoram Highway is often blocked from the snow.


Today, the Famed Karakoram Highway crosses Hunza, connecting Pakistan into China via the Khunjerab Pass. Travelling the valley up from the southeast, Hunza is the property to the abandoned, and also the prior nation of Nagar to the right of the Hunza River. Regular bus and van services operate among Gilgit and also Central Hunza (Ganish Village, Aliabad and Karimabad) and also between Gilgit and Sost Gojal. PTDC Office in Gilgit, Sost along with Islamabad arranges excursions and transport to visitors.

Spectacular scenery

Hunza is one of the most unique places in Pakistan. A couple of high peaks rise over 6,000 m at the surroundings of Hunza valley. The valley gives you spectacular views of a number of the absolute most beautiful and glorious mountains on the planet that consist of Rakaposhi 7,788 m (25,551 ft), Ultar Sar 7,388 m (24,239 ft), Bojahagur Duanasir II 7,329 m (24,045 ft), Ghenta Peak 7,090 m (15,631 feet ), Hunza Peak 6,270 m (20,571 ft), Darmyani Maximum 6,090 m (19,980 feet ), also Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak) 6,000 m (19,685 feet ). Hunza Valley can be host to the ancient watchtowers in Ganish, Baltit Fort and also Altit Fort.Watch towers are situated in heart of Ganish Village, Baltit Fort stands on top of Karimabad whereas Altit Fort lies at the bottom of the valley.

The valley is broadly thought to become the inspiration for its mythical valley of shangrila at James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon. As one travels upward about the Karakoram Highway, the beautiful sceneries keep on showing by themselves. On how an individual can observe the 65 km long’Batura’ glacier, the second longest in Pakistan, surround by Shishper, Batura along with Kumpirdior peaks. On reaching Sost it’s possible to continue up the journey to Khunzhrav or switch west to watch the mystical elegance of Chipursan (even Chapursan) valley. Chipursan valley includes a number of exotic tourist spots while in the region. In Yarzerech (additionally Yarzirich) you can take a good peek at the majestic Kundahill summit (6000 m), or dip along the Rishepzhurav to the Kundahill to experience the soothing sceneries. Outside of Yarzerech you can travel further to Lupghar, Raminj, Reshit, Yishkuk around Bobo Ghundi (Oston), the shrine of Baba-e-Ghund, also a saint out of Afghanistan near the border between Pakistan and Wakhan area of Afghanistan.


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