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Impact of Eco-friendly Packaging on Environment and Economy

Nowadays, environmental issues like global warming, temperature extremes, ozone layer depletion, and pollution are on the rise. It negatively influences the normal functioning of our ecosystem by contaminating the quality of life on the planet. There are numerous components that contribute to these detrimental factors. One of the basic reasons is the accumulation of waste on the surface of the earth. That’s why most companies intend to go green in terms of their packaging. So that they can protect the normal functioning of the environment. The use of eco-friendly boxes for packaging is rapidly increasing these days. Because in addition to protecting the environment, sustainable materials also prove to be cost-effective. Moreover, the manufacturing of traditional means of packaging requires large amounts of energy. This certainly increases the costs of packaging material and makes non-bio-degradable packaging a less preferable choice.

I.  Bio-degradable materials can be easily disposed of


Biodegradable packaging proves to be compostable, which can easily be transformed into compost. This type of biodegradable packaging is beneficial even after the retailers have used it for packaging purposes. The fibers of this material are recyclable and manufacturers use them multiple times. Some recyclable materials have the capacity to be recycled up to almost 24 times. Utilizing alternatives such as paperboard for your packaging materials reduces the carbon footprint. It also assures consumers that what protects the products comes from a renewable resource.

Although some kinds of plastics are recyclable, there’s still a huge amount of waste that ends up in landfills or in oceans. By opting for bio-degradable materials, any brand can minimize waste disposal to a great level. Furthermore, bio-degradable materials like cardboard or paperboard are less expensive than plastic. This makes them an ideal choice for packaging in recent times.

Ways to dispose of biodegradable materials

Companies dispose of the bio-degradable and recyclable materials mainly through two processes i.e. composting or anaerobic digestion.

  • Composting is a process of disposing of materials like food, paper, garden waste, and paper or cardboard
  • Anaerobic Digestion is a process of decomposing wet materials. This process is carried out in closed containers in the absence of oxygen. In the end, this process produces biogas such as carbon dioxide and methane.

eco-friendly boxes

II. Reduces the number of plastics in the world

By opting for eco-friendly boxes for packaging, brands can easily cut down the usage of plastic in the world. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material abundantly present in the form of waste in oceans and landfills. This is a detrimental factor that badly influences the quality of life. In today’s era, every individual is well aware of these components. Everyone chooses sustainable materials in order to protect their surroundings and to act as responsible citizens.

The companies that have shifted to bio-degradable means of packaging are relatively more preferred. Furthermore, the biodegradable materials for packaging are capable to optimize energy to a great extent.

III. No Harmful toxins

The petrochemical materials in addition to littering the oceans also contain toxins in their composition. These materials stay in the ecosystem for the longest periods and exert hazardous effects in contaminating the environment. On the other hand, the biodegradable and recyclable materials don’t comprise any toxins in their compositions.

This makes them an ideal choice for the packaging of any kind of product. No matter how large or heavy the product is, manufacturers can conveniently package them in sustainable materials. Apart from being favorable for the environment, these materials are certainly capable to protect every item packaged in them. So the retailers can package their products in eco-friendly boxes for packaging without compromising their quality.

IV. Can certainly decrease the carbon footprint

In recent times, natural resources are rapidly depleting. So the utilization of recyclable materials has become mandatory. One should not only focus to meet financial goals but should also show concern towards environmental goals. In this way, any individual can fulfill their responsibility towards the well-being of their environment.

Furthermore, as retailers recycle these materials several times, they can prove to be very effective in the conservation of energy. The bio-degradable materials comparatively produce lesser pollution during the recycling processes as compared to non-bio-degradable materials such as plastics.

V. Easily recycled and renewed

The renewing and recycling processes of sustainable materials are relatively less complicated and require low consumption of energy. This can certainly reduce the costs which makes it an economical process. The biodegradable packaging materials prove to be a perfect choice for many start-up businesses. Because of being an affordable packaging material.

Through recycling manufacturers extend the lifespan of these materials which minimizes the requirement for new packaging materials. In this way, the carbon footprint can be further lowered. There are numerous benefits of recycling that’s why their demand is increasing nowadays. It effectively reduces the number of wastes that are sent to oceans and landfills. It can readily prevent contamination and pollution by minimizing the need to collect new raw materials for packaging.

VI. Recycling creates new job opportunities

The manufacturing of eco-friendly boxes for packaging gives rise to new jobs in the market. Recycling processes require labor work in its completion. So it’s not only beneficial in reducing the carbon footprint or in the perseverance of the health of the ecosystem.  It also creates a lot of job opportunities which can stabilize any country’s local economy.

A study has shown that a 75% recycling rate can certainly reduce pollution by 2030 and can create almost 2.3 million new job opportunities. Hence, by recycling bio-degradable materials, one can surely contribute to the circular economy.

VII. Combat over-packaging

By opting for recyclable and bio-degradable materials, companies can effectively control the material usage in the packaging of their items. By reducing the amount of material usage, one can also cut down the packaging costs. As the recyclable materials are highly customizable. Manufacturers transform them into any desired shape and size.

The foldable boxes minimize the requirements for adhesives or tapes in the assembly processes. Flexible pouches made from recyclable materials take up less space in the transportation processes. In this way, through sustainable packaging, brands can reduce the consumption of materials in packaging. Lesser materials are also more likely to be disposed of easily. Moreover, the appropriate size of packaging boxes also complements the look of the products and improves their appearance.

VIII. Lowers the shipping costs


Through the utilization of sustainable materials, brands can reduce transportation expenditures. As lightweight packages are generally preferable in the shipment processes. The manufacturers combat over-packaging by opting for renewable materials. This results in lesser usage of materials, consequently decreasing procurement and shipping charges. By reducing material usage, the accommodation space of these boxes is also lowered. In this way, brand owners can transport more packages to their clients in lesser time. This can also reduce energy consumption effectively.

 IX. Improves brand image

Brands can establish a positive image in the market by opting for eco-friendly boxes for packaging their items. Ultimately the customer base also increases. When a particular brand ensures its sincerity towards the sustainability of its environment, more customers are likely to choose the products of a certain brand consecutively. In this way, the sales of products are improved. Consequently, helping a brand to stabilize itself in the market for longer periods.
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