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Important dates to sit in AMC examination

From most of the readers, I have collected information and come to a point which is related to this question: When Can I Sit the AMC Examinations? Well, there is no hard and fast rule to apply for this test and remember the dates because you can sit for the AMC exam preparation any time after you graduate from your medical school. For different colleges, there would be a variation in the dates so you can apply for next year. There are few conditions regarding the application and most important is that you must have a complete list of documents. In short, all that is needed to sit is proof of a primary medical degree which will help you to enhance your overall score. You must sit and pass the first AMC Exam because this is the only gateway to approach a medical college in Australia. 

Let me provide some information which is pretty basic regarding this test. This unique test is based on MCQ questions which are quite problematic if you are not well prepared for it. Basically there are two steps and the first one is the MCQ test prior to being able to sit for the Clinical Examination. Both steps are really difficult and tricky, only the best talent comes in front of the screen. Keep one thing in mind that students from all over the world come to attempt this test, so you have international competition. This enhances the worth and importance of this test which is completely equal to USLME in the US. 

Another important question that is asked in a frequent manner is: How often can I sit and appear in the AMC examinations?

First of all, you must have a clear mind that you should complete this test successfully through the first attempt. The next thing which is related to your question is that you can sit as many times as you wish to. You should be familiar with the conditions, as you can only be preparing for and registered to sit one particular exam at a time. When we prepare for a test this does not only belong to our preparation as other factors are also involved at the same time. Bear in mind the exams are expensive and you have to cover the cost each time you will apply for it. 

Do you have any idea about how much does it cost to appear in this particular test? The AMC Exam is quite expensive and you should have an idea about it. From the last few years, I have been trying to calculate the cost on an average basis and the figures are as following:

  • MCQ exam costs $2,720 per sitting
  • The clinical exam costs $3,530 per sitting

If we make a comparison, I am sure these costs are generally more expensive than other tests but as a student, you cannot do anything. Most College training exams in Australia are pretty less expensive than the AMC examination
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