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Improve Sound on Your iOS Devices With these Equalizer Apps

Smartphone devices are extensively used by buyers to listen to music. We see people jamming with earphones everywhere. Thanks to smartphones and compact tablets that allow us to tune in anywhere possible.

This love for music should not be compromised and you should try to experiment with equalization as well. While the iPhone is a pretty cool device to indulge in quality music, a lot of people still look up to play with bass, midrange, and treble.

Although there is a built-in equalizer in iPhones you will be pleasingly amazed by the variation offered with an average equalizer app. Fortunately, there are various apps available on the App Store to satisfy the DJ inside you.

You can try the built-in iPhone Equalizer by following the steps below.

Step1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Music” app.

Step 3: Tap EQ under the Playback section.

Step 4: Go through the EQ settings and change the settings in the app according to your liking.

There are various third-party EQ apps available for iOS users, with a user-friendly interface to improve your sound experience. Take a look at these equalizer apps for your iOS devices.


This free app has bass boosting and efficient equalizing features. This will make you feel surrounded by dynamic 3D music. You can play music from your local library, Spotify, Radio, or Cloud. It has features like 3D Surround Sound, Bass Booster, 29 Handcrafted EQ Presets, and 16-band Custom Equalizer.


Equalizer+ is a quality-focused all-in-one music player. Depending on which headphones you are using, it will automatically optimize your results. One of the highlights is that it works in offline mode as well. It comes with notable features like cloud storage access, offline mode, contextual search feature, and 7-band equalizer.


This top-notch EQ app allows you to adjust sound amplification setting up to +29dB making it a winner. MolaEqualizer also provides lyrics to the songs in real-time. Some of its best features are 16-Band Equalizer, different mode-setting, and lyrics.

Denon Audio

Denon Audio is designed to redefine your music experience with its amazing equalizing features. Its unusual functions include 10 built-in EQ presets, a bypass mode, and a linear phase design. It lets you experiment with music with its a customizable graph allowing you to mold your sound by manipulating more than 1000 discrete bands.

Finally, if you listen to music on a daily basis, it’s worth trying EQ apps to expand your spectrum. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with these apps.

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