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Improve Your Company’s Hiring Speed with ATS

The manual system used for tracking applicants is quite time-consuming and tedious work that is prone to the occurrence of errors and lacking updated data. It not only loses money and productivity, but your company’s reputation is at stake due to dissatisfied employees. A manual system of tracking applicants is vulnerable to errors and provides redundant values, negatively impacting employee performance. But, on using ATS (Applicant Tracking System), helps in the real-time tracking of information about the applicants, and they are hired based on their expertise. The companies get access to the most relevant applicants present in the market.

About 99% of Fortune 500 companies are using online application systems in the hiring process to improve the hiring speed and process. Along with this, research from Capterra has shown that about 75% of recruiters utilize applicant tracking tools to elevate the speed of hiring.

Why is ATS of Growing Importance to Modern Day Business? 

Recruiting new candidates is quite an expensive and overwhelming process, and with using an automated tracking tool, it helps automate recruitment with keeping costs lowered. The benefits of automated candidate tracking tools in modern-day business are enlisted below:

Streamlining the Process of Recruiting 

The manual system of tracking applicants is a lengthy process, and it becomes chaotic for the HR management system. But by using an automated tool, your HR team doesn’t waste time juggling between multiple tools and spreadsheets regarding gathering basic and essential information. Moreover, the automated applicant tracking tool used in your company helps manage job postings, schedule interviews, and assessments, offering management and onboarding at the same place.

Posting Jobs on Multiple Job Boards

The companies spend vast amounts of their hiring budget on the paid subscriptions to diverse job boards to attract the best-suited candidates for their companies. Although your HR team will find candidates through these job boards, it becomes quite expensive and time-consuming to juggle between multiple job boards. On using this applicant tracking tool, it allows you to post various job posting on numerous job boards.

Saving Time with Automating Mundane Tasks 

It is seen that approximately 50% of your time is saved on using automated tools to accomplish routine tasks. The process is faster and more effective with an automated tool, and it ensures your company automatically screens and rejects candidates’ resumes based on customized requirements. Using an automated tool helps your HR team meet each stage of your work without any bottlenecks and delays.

Easy Building-Up of Brand 

With an automated tool, it helps in the automatic notification of the candidates in different stages of the interview process. It helps notify candidates based on rejection, selection, and feedback without guessing and waiting. In addition, it helps ensure candidates reject leaves, creating a positive impression of the brand.

Managing Talent Database 

The job boards provide a good access and selection to candidates that might select good recruitment sources from the talent pool. It is a cost-effective way to fill up the skill gaps within the organization. Along with this, using an automated tool helps maximize ROI from the channel.

Improved and Easy Collaboration Among the Recruitment Teams 

On promoting easy collaboration, it makes your automated tool to face reduced chaos when it comes to hiring for multiple positions and teams. It also helps in easy and fast cooperation with the candidates who do not fit well with finding the suitable candidates.

Easy Finding of the Right Candidates   

On using the automated system, it helps set customized criteria for automatically rejecting resumes as per the business requirement. It also helps automatically leave for each role and helps add to your talent pool to find the right resumes to reach your HR team.  

Centralized Candidate Management and Document Tracking 

The use of the automated tool in hiring employees helps centralize candidates and track documents. On using this software, it also helps enable smooth operation and doesn’t require unnecessary paper, which also amplifies the security of the system. Furthermore, the applicants do not have to fill up unnecessary documents; with this software, you can add information in real-time.

Reduced Cost Per Hiring 

The use of the automated tool for tracking candidates helps reduce the overall cost per hire in a significant way and helps attract the best quality candidates with real-time integration with the multiple job boards. It also helps eliminate external recruitment agencies’ requirements with automated resume parsing.

Generating Insights in Key Recruitment 

On using an automated tool, it helps generate important recruiting insights. It also helps make the right decisions at the right time. Using ATS helps provide real-time reports to the customers at the interview stage for the different roles, which helps provide the best sources for hiring.

Why do You need to Choose ATS for Small Businesses? 

The small businesses need automated tracking tools to post and publish jobs to various job sites. It also helps optimize your hiring process to reach a broader range of candidates. Along with this, it also allows your candidates and customers to access information quickly, which helps create professionalism, as expected in the marketplace.

In addition, with ATS, it helps save your time, and that helps in instantly posting and publishing new jobs to several online job boards. Moreover, it also helps send automatic rejection letters to the candidates, which helps provide a great experience. Furthermore, the application tool helps send candidates emails regarding invitations to face interviews, rejections, job status jobs, and more. Along with it, the automated tool helps schedule interviews, track candidates’ progress, and organize candidates’ information. It helps improve the efficiency of the small business, and it also helps prevent waste of time.

What are the Benefits Your Company Reaps from Employee Management System 

The automated tool used for employee management helps improve employee engagement and retention across your company. In addition, it provides a simple and easy way of managing businesses as it helps in easy documentation, capturing, reporting, and documenting information of the employees as per the requirement. The benefits that your company reaps from managing your employees are as follows:

Improved Effectiveness in Management of Workforce 

The HR system’s reliance on the manual process leads to administrative nightmares. With tracking information by hand, it not only raises the likelihood of human errors but also exposes you to staying complied with the compliance risks. On using an automated tool, it helps import multiple files and re-key data across diverse platforms.

Improved Employee Engagement 

This automated tool helps the rising engagement of the employees by impacting the retention of the employees. In addition, it helps in establishing goals and provides valuable information to import multiple files across diverse platforms.

Secured Information of the Employees

On using an automated tool, it helps your employees to store information securely and safely accurately. It also helps improve the chances of human errors and supports tracking business work while smoothening the hiring process.

It is because; HR databases have become a prime target for the hackers as it stores bank details information, check stubs, and SSNs, failing to protect data. If your HR team relies on spreadsheets and paper files. There are chances that the information to fall into the wrong hands. On using specified security measures, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication, it helps your system and leads to stay safe.

In-Depth HR Data Analytics and Metrics

This automated tool used in the HR department helps identify insights & solve business challenges such as headcount, overtime, and turnover. It helps quickly access solutions that need to be developed and helps make informed decisions. For example, based on real-time information, it helps your team to improve the employee turnover rate.

Mitigating Risks of Compliances 

On using an automated tool, it helps mitigate the risks of compliance. It helps increase the number of audits and regulations that have been quite critical to the business. It also helps in correctly managing business audits and can document and access information at anytime and anywhere.

Centralized Employee Data 

On using an employee managing tool, it helps in the easy managing of business duties and helps streamline the HR activities. In addition, it facilitates providing insights into the workplace, which helps centralize the employee data per the requirement. Along with this, it helps in better planning and managing the working hours and helps in raising employee productivity.

Improved Employee Productivity 

This automated software helps improve productivity by hiring the candidates those are proven to be the best for the company’s requirements. Moreover, with hiring the best quality candidates, it will help your company to improve employee productivity.

Important Insights to Your Workforce 

This software helps in the improvement of your engagement between the candidates and the HR team. It helps improve the motivation and improvement of productivity of the candidates. The resources help in monitoring and evaluating the new hires at the workplace. It helps enhancing candidate engagement at the workplace.


Selecting the best online applicant tracking tool proves to be a valuable and important asset to your business. This automated application tracking tool helps improve the hiring process and helps provides an exceptional experience for the employees.
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