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In the Frsky lite line for this model also have the Pro and S versions

Frsky Lite is a group of stations provided by frsky, which is slightly smaller in size but similar in function to their sister. It is usually cheaper, but a very good choice to start.

Taranis X9 lite

In line frsky Lite, we find that this station comes from the design of her sister Taranis x9d. There is a sugetarla similar to x9d, but a little smaller and comfortable.

This model innovates the latest access protocol and adds a scrolling button for the program, so that we can have a better experience when browsing the site menu.

The station also has opentx open software, which provides good 24 channels, high transmission speed and very low delay because of its high-speed digital module, of course, it transmits at 2.4 GH.

This model also has an actual port to connect the cable using its teacher-student function, which is a very practical and interesting function, especially for novice pilots. Because of this function, we can connect a teacher of the transmitter, we can correct the failure of the model through control at the station and can save us from some disasters.

With additional access features, such as fireware’s wireless updates and wireless configurations that will be unlocked step by step, they will provide a more reliable, more secure, more functional connection, and many additional features.

Taranis x Lite

In the frsky Lite product line, we can also find the frsky Taranis x Lite, which has an innovative, very ergonomic design with four switches and two replacers, enabling us to control a large number of model aircraft and multiple rotors.

This unusual design at the reinforced concrete station with its small size makes this station a great ally due to its convenient transportation, especially those pilots who like to travel with their favorite reinforced concrete models, as well as being presented in a very practical situation. Robust and compact.

We can’t forget that there are more young people who want to start this magical world with problems with our traditional broadcast controls. With them, this design can seamlessly access all controls without any problems.

This little transmitter can’t deceive us because it’s small, it has all the functions of its sisters, and there’s nothing to be envious of, and in the traditional size, we have different modules that we can connect to without any problem.

Taranis x Lite is also compatible with the opentx software system, the model memory can also be extended by micro SD card, it also has wireless function, allowing it to connect with other frsky radio stations, and can use the teacher student function.

This transmitter also has a very useful audio alarm system, especially for FPV and two compartment batteries, so we can quickly replace them and continue our hobby for a long time.

It has a very good screen size with space available with the cross and mini buttons jostick and two buttons that make it very easy to scroll through the menu of stations and set our mode.

The control of this model is more sensitive than the traditional size sisters, so we will have to adapt to them because they will make the motion control of our equipment faster.

As always, we also have a variety of color stations in the brand to be able to personalize as much as possible according to our taste.

We also have a variety of accessories for our station, such as modules such as frsky R9m, which is ideal for long-distance flight and a variety of external antennas.

In this model of frsky Lite product line, we also have pro and s versions, which combine all the advantages of the previous design with our most powerful radio features, enabling smoother and more accurate control through the M12 Hall sensor guimbals. High precision pre installation.

It’s for my taste a very versatile and powerful transmitter that can be used for almost any model RC, because we’re not disappointed with their features, there’s nothing jealousy standing bigger.

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