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Instagram Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware In 2022


In 2022, and you might be curious about the future of social media and the Instagram marketing trends that will demand your attention. Now more than any other social media network, Instagram generates significant revenue.

Instagram is currently the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos; more than 200 million users visit a business profile daily. Since Instagram’s popularity is on the upswing, we expect to see several changes in the platform and its marketing strategies over the coming year.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most trending Instagram marketing strategies that will help to boost your brand reach. 

Let’s get detailed!


1. Intensified Demand For Reels

Keep in mind that Instagram Reels will be a major phenomenon that year. When competing with TikTok, Instagram developed the Reels function as a countermeasure. Like the popular app TikTok, this function allows users to upload and share short, lively films with their followers.

You may add music, text overlays, stickers, and camera effects to your 15-second clip before submitting it. Because Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature and can help your company in the short term, you should prioritize its use.

The increased adaptability of your brand, thanks to these technologies, will ultimately lead to greater exposure and participation.

2. Instagram Stories For Marketers

Do you think this is a good moment to start showing your brand to the loyal audience?

Brands with any number of Instagram followers may benefit from adding videos to their Stories. Based on our research, brands should aim to post between 15 and 16 Instagram Posts every month, with up to five stories per day, resulting in a retention rate of over 70%.

2021 was a year of huge video content consumption, notably on Instagram. A research shows that marketers shared 49.02% video content and 50.98% photo content on Instagram Stories. The survey also found that Instagram Story videos were more successful in keeping the viewers engaged than Instagram Story photographs.

The study also found that the tap-forward rate for video Instagram Stories is 0.80% lower than that of image stories, suggesting that they are more effective in keeping viewers engaged. Enhancements geared toward fostering interaction inside communities will be in demand. 

Instagram’s superiority in terms of discussion starters and user participation is well-known.

Instagram’s fun character means the site is always developing new and interesting methods to engage its users. These include emoji reactions, interactive Story stickers, and Instagram polls, proving that Instagram is adept at starting and maintaining lively discussions. And, as we all know, maintaining active groups requires regular, open dialogue.

Instagram’s Story features, such as the question sticker, may be used to further engage users and learn what they think of a company. As a beginner, you need to be highly active on Instagram for getting better engagement for your stories. In that  case, you can go for to get more automatic Instagram views for your stories beylikdüzü escort instantly. 

3. Influencer Marketing 

As a result of its proven effectiveness, influencer marketing has quickly become a popular Instagram trend. In 2021, Instagram released several monetization tools for producers. According to a Nielsen study, people are more likely to believe suggestions from strangers than from well-known companies.

One effective method of advertising a product or service is to have well-liked and respected figures endorse it. As previously noted, Instagram is now testing a new tool that will enable artists to find things available on checkout, share them with their followers, and receive commission payments for any sales influenced by their posts.

4. Shopping Features

You would be accurate in thinking that Instagram is becoming a marketplace. These shopping capabilities attempt to close the gap between this platform’s marketing and e-commerce potential.

One example is the shopping function in Stories, which debuted this year and allows brands to add a shopping bag symbol to their content to attract consumers better. Marketers may direct their audience to a specific page where they can examine a product’s image, details, and a link to the website to purchase by using the “shopping bag” icon. Marketers may reach their target customers with Instagram Stories, which more than 400 million people use daily.

5. Instagram Marketing Carousel Videos

The Instagram Carousel function is the most useful tool for your brand. By examining 22,360,021 posts throughout Instagram, we determined that only 3% to 4% of posts were carousels that year. The average increase in popularity was 19.44% in 2020.

This feature’s rising popularity is warranted by the attention it attracts. Carousels have a higher engagement rate than photos and videos combined, at 1.92% vs. 1.74% and 1.45%, respectively.

6. Posting Unique Content

When developing an Instagram marketing campaign, it should be no surprise that content is still king. But what exactly is it that people like the most?

In 2022, genuineness will be a highly sought-after trait. Instagram will reward more authentic, less polished material from companies. 

For a long time, marketers relied on Instagram posts of well-produced videos to entice customers. However, most Instagram users do not want to see professionally produced videos.

Start concentrating on authenticity instead of merely providing “perfect” material on your company page this year. People are increasingly interested in raw, unscripted footage revealing businesses’ human side.

According to our research on the current state of Instagram, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to tell tales through your captions and take advantage of the many Story elements (emoji, slider, gif, and question sticker) available to you.


7. Value of Instagram Live For Marketing

Instagram Live, a new feature introduced in 2020, had explosive growth in 2021. Business Insider reports that in April 2020, Instagram Live saw a more than 70 percent spike in popularity.

The epidemic and the social separation orders forced individuals to develop alternative means of communication, which is hardly surprising. Researchers believed that this rise was attributable to humans not being designed to live in isolation for extended periods.

In the wake of the epidemic, many individuals have turned to social media in need of human connection. Businesses have also benefited from this fad because it simplifies audience expansion and product marketing.

What began as a social networking app devoted solely to sharing photographs has expanded to include many other types of content. It’s no secret that nowadays, Instagram is about much more than just posting pretty pictures; it’s also a place for people to connect and have meaningful discussions.

What effect will this have on the online visibility of companies and content producers? This necessitates that they show their true selves to the crowd. In 2022, whether you want to share more Instagram Stories, experiment with Instagram Reels, or broadcast live, you’ll need to bring your unique voice to the platform.


8. Use Instagram Marketing Analytics Tools 

Use sophisticated measurement tools to track and report your results before calculating your Instagram marketing budget. If you want to see results from your Instagram content strategy in 2022, you’ll need to employ analytics software to track your progress and compare your results to those of the competitors. As a result, you can assess the efficacy of your marketing efforts and make adjustments when necessary.



To be competitive in the marketing landscape of 2022, brands must have a solid presence on Instagram. The social media powerhouse is set to have a breakout year in 2018. Since it has many useful tools, Instagram is the best place to spread your message and brand.
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