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iPhone: The Secret Features That Few People Know About

Few will know that there are hidden functions, or if you want   tricks, that it is good to know and that they could prove very useful in some situations. Today we will guide you, with our 10 tips, in the maze of your iPhone.

1. Editing an email attachment

Sometimes, an email attachment does not transmit enough information on its own, but it can be useful to write notes with the email client integrated in iOS. Digital scribbles, text overlays, digital signatures: you can add them. To edit an attachment you’ve received, press and hold until the Share menu appears, then select Markup and Reply from the list. For a file you’ve attached to a new email, tap the attachment and select Markup.

2. Hiding private photos

Within the Photos section, you can select one or more images, then with the Share and Hide option you can hide your photos from prying eyes. Thus the chosen images will become invisible from the views on Moments, Collections and Years, but it will still be possible to access them through the Album screen.

3. Go to sleep on time

Going to bed and waking up regularly, therefore at similar times every day, is an essential prerogative to stay healthy and sleep soundly.

Among the iPhone functions of the latest version of iOS there is one that helps to remember that at a certain time you have to go to bed. Do this: go to Clock and then tap the Bedtime link at the bottom: the phone will ask what time you want to get up in the morning. When it is set, you can decide on which days of the week you want the alarm to go off, and therefore how many hours of sleep you want to sleep each night. The iPhone will report when it’s time to go to bed and track your hours of sleep.

4. Find the lost phone

This secret is dedicated to the forgetful. The tool is called Find My iPhone and allows you to track the iPhone through GPS, indicating it on a map. To activate it just go to the app settings, and then General, Apple ID, iCloud. The game is done.

5. Notifications via camera flash

Those who prefer a visual alert of the phone to an audible one will appreciate this feature: you can turn on the iPhone flash when a notification is displayed. It’s a viable option during meetings, when many people place their phones face down on a table. To activate it, go to Settings and then tap on General and Accessibility. Turn on the switch to use the LED for Alerts and you’re done. And if you really don’t want to be disturbed, when the phone is in silent mode, you can make sure that the flash doesn’t fire.

6. How to teach Siri to recognize nicknames

Siri has an excellent ability to recognize names, but sometimes one would like to use nicknames or nicknames, or abbreviations such as “Mamma”, “Franci” and so on … Here, there is a special Apple tool and Siri can use it to recognize people even with unusual names compared to those in the address book. On the address book, clicking on any name, a drop-down menu will open in which there is also the “nickname” option: if that is our mother’s contact, just add “mom” and save, at this point Siri will recognize the contact by both names.

7. Zoom in on what the camera sees

Among the iPhone functions that perhaps not everyone knows there is the possibility of enlarging the images of the real world. To use it, go to Settings, open General, choose Accessibility, then you can select the magnifying glass option. You can also turn on automatic brightness, which means that the camera screen will react to ambient light levels. With this switch enabled, you can launch the Camera app in iOS and tap the Home button three times to view the option. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to take a closer look at anything from a photograph to a block of text.

8. Using the keyboard as a trackpad

In Apple devices it is called a trackpad, in all other touchpads, in any case there is a way, on iPhones, to use the keyboard just as if it were. Just hold down anywhere on the keyboard, and then move your finger across the screen just like a cursor.

9. Level function

Not everyone knows, but there is a hidden app on every iPhone, and you can use it to see if your photos are well balanced or not, for example. To access the tool, the procedure is very simple: you open the compass function, swipe it to the left, and here we are: you just have to use it as you use any non-digital level. It could, perhaps, be a little less precise than a spirit level used in construction, the long and bulky object, but it can always be useful.

10. Delete the last digit of a calculation

Normally, using the calculator of our iPhone, every error must start the calculation again. A real nuisance having to press on “C” or on “AC” for those who often use the calculation tool or who is performing a very complex calculation, because it starts from scratch. But there is a way to delete only the last of the digits entered. Just swipe right, or even left, at the top of the screen, the one where the numbers appear.

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