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Is Artificial Kidney Transplant a Feasible Treatment?

We often hear about the Artificial Kidney Transplant, but is it possible for real? So, the answer, for now, is No. The scientist from India has made an artificial kidney that can replace the original organ, but it is experimented for real on humans.

Several trials have been performed on different mammals, and they have got fruitful results. However, before conducting the final tests on a human body, scientists still want complete assurance. They do not wish to risk human life.

It is not that the Artificial Kidney Transplant in India is not possible, but as of now, the procedure is not started in any other country.

Need For The Development of an Artificial Kidney:

Kidney failure has become one of the most common health disorders. However, the number of lives saved after a kidney failure is much less than the people who die without the treatment.

It is not that the doctors cannot save their lives, but the surgeons are not available with enough donors. So, the patients die without surgery.

Herein, to match the requirement of the donors and the recipients, the scientists felt the need for an artificial kidney. It will help the doctors and surgeons to support the maximum number of lives without losing their lives without treatment.

Yet another reason for the development of an artificial kidney is to improve the quality of life after the kidney transplant as well as the lifespan. After a successful kidney transplant, the patients can survive for max five to ten years. Sometimes, if they face post-surgical complications, the survival rates are even less than that. So, now the doctors are looking forward to a better quality of life after transplant without any complications.

As an artificial kidney will not have any life, it will be readily accepted by the immune system of the body, and there would be no rejection. Here, people can live smoothly for several years without any effect on the quality of life after the transplant.

Also, the Kidney Transplant Cost in India is less, but at the same time, it is very high in other parts of the world. Sometimes people have the donor, but due to financial incapability, they do not plan their transplant. Instead, they adjust with the dialysis for as long as they can and then die without the operation.

It is expected that the prices for a kidney transplant will be much more reduced with the use of an artificial kidney for the operation. In short, the use of an artificial kidney will be better in all the ways for the permanent cure for end-stage renal failure.

Final Words:

Artificial Kidney transplant is a life-saving invention. Scientists are making all the efforts to save the lives of the sufferers. In all the mammals, the artificial kidney has given the best results, and there are no complications after the treatment. It will help to save an additional number of lives every year, and people will not die without the treatment. Hope this procedure comes soon in existence for humans too.

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