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Is There a Risk of COVID-19 Contagion during Hair Transplant Surgery

The enduring COVID-19 pandemic has distributed everyone’s lifestyle, mainly due to the hype about this deadly outbreak. Factually, social media, and the internet is the indispensable resource to spread full of the mark information about the virus to create terribleness among people. That’s why; people are changing their routine life activities and following the updated SOPs to stay away from this harmful virus.

For that reason, the current problematic situation arises various questions about hair transplant surgery, including “Is coronavirus hazardous?” “What’s the risk factor of its contagion” and most importantly, “is there any risk of COVID0–19 contagion if a person goes for hair transplant surgery?” etc.

For a better understanding of all such concerns, the present discussion unveils the necessary information to clear the doubts most delicately.

Hair Transplantation: Is Traveling To Other Country A Secure Option or Not?

WHO declares that the COVID-19 outbreak spreads quickly and has significantly affected various countries, including China, Iran, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, etc. This nerve-racking and problematic situation demands everyone to delay their traveling programs. So, if you were planning about a tour to your dream destination to get your hair transplanted, then you must postpone the trip without any second thought. Traveling to other countries for hair transplantation is not a secure option for you as it involves a risk of COVID-19 contagion after hair transplant surgery. Prevention is always preferable, and everyone should accept this reality before it’s too late.

What is the risk factor of COVID-19 Contagion after Hair Transplantation?

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything is precarious for us, whether it’s about getting a simple haircut or undergoing hair transplantation surgery. But if you choose a specialized clinic that ensures all the medical personnel and the prevention protocols, there is less risk of COVID-19 Contagion.

Most of the hair transplant clinics strictly follow ISO and WHO protocols to provide a completely healthy environment for the patients. Nowadays, all the hair transplant clinics meet the following sanitization and cleaning measures including;

· Improvement in antibacterial and disinfection facilities in workspaces and consultation rooms for better protection.

· Pre-screening medical questions to patients using different media, including email, telephonic calls, and in-office visits.

· The regular healthcare monitoring of staff members and workforce

All such precautionary measures guarantee that the clinics are taking hygiene protocols properly to perform the surgery in a protected, hygiene, and disinfected environment. The specialized hair transplant clinics provide protective measures during the consultation and throughout the entire medical intervention to avoid the exposure of germs.

ILHT Hair Transplant: A True Warrior during Coronavirus Epidemic

We have proficient professionals with exceptional skill sets, who are all performing their duties like the true front line warriors. We meet all the hygiene protocols before the surgery. That’s why we execute the surgery in the sterile operating room where the patients and medical staff safety gear to keep away from the exposure of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

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