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Is There Any Connectivity Between Diabetes And Hair Loss?

Do you know an interesting fact about your hair that they undergo three main phases? In the initial phase (also known as active growth phase), your hair grow 1cm to 2 cm each month. The second phase is about the resting phase that stays for around three months. And lastly, in the third phase, some of the resting hair fall out.

But unfortunately, diabetes patients can face some impediments during these hair growth phases because; diabetes can slow down the procedure of hair growth.

Generally, a diabetic patient can lose more hair than an average person, whereas the regrowth process is quite slower too. You may lose hair from different body parts, including legs and arms.

That’s why; the significant apprehension of diabetic patients is to know if there’s any reliable connectivity between Diabetes and Hair Loss or not. So, what do you think? Does diabetes cause hair loss, or it’s just a myth?

Let’s figure out!!!

The Connection between Diabetes and Hair Loss

Well, diabetes is a chronic disease that can adversely affect an individual’s life. To deal with diabetes is a part of the daily routine, but it becomes a matter of concern when it changes the physical appearance of a person.

For instance, do you think hair loss (or balding) is a clear symptom of diabetes? To lose a small amount of hair is a part of the routine, but any usual experience can be unsafe and require FUE Hair Transplant as an ultimate solution.

Generally, people experience hair fall before diagnosing diabetes. But if you are experiencing hair loss with other symptoms including dry mouth, low energy in the body, recurrent urination, and dehydration, it may be due to high sugar level in the body.

But, it is imperative to determine how diabetes causes hair loss.

  1. Improper Circulation of Blood

The high blood glucose level in the body can impinge on the circulatory system, and that’s how diabetes can cause hair loss. Everyone is familiar with the fact that the sugar blood level of a diabetic patient is higher than the average person. That’s why glycated hemoglobin is created in the diabetic patient’s body after the reaction of red blood cells with glucose molecules.

Though hemoglobin is an essential protein in RBCs, excessive hemoglobin can negatively affect RBCs. The addition of new red cells makes it difficult for RBCs to pass through the capillaries and result in blocking the vessels. If a similar issue happens with hair bulbs capillaries, then it causes hair fall.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

An endocrine system imbalance is another way that causes hair loss in the diabetic patient. To balance them properly is quite essential for the hair bulb growth.

But diabetes causes abnormalities in the endocrine system that result in severe hair loss. However, proper medication, diet, and exercise can balance such hormones and hair start regrowing.

How Can A Diabetic Patient Prevent Hair Loss?

A healthy diet is fundamental for a diabetic patient. Additionally, practicing sports activity can help in balancing the glucose blood level in the body. An active lifestyle can help you to control diabetes that, in return, affect your hair growth optimistically. The expert hair transplant surgeons strongly recommend to spend a stress-free life as it can lead to a healthier life. Nevertheless, if you are a diabetic patient and want to find the optimal solution for hair loss, you can consult an expert hair transplant surgeon for the most competent solution.

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