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Know how to Fill CA Foundation Nov 2020 Exam Form

CA Foundation is the entry-level stage of the professional CA Course. To appear in the CA exam, you need to register first. The registration is an important part of the process. As per ICAI guidelines, you need to give a study period of 4 months for CA Foundation exams, so you should complete the registration before the last date issued by ICAI. A registration fee is charged during the process. This article is about the CA Registration Fees for the Foundation course.


CA Registration Fees – Foundation Course

The CA Foundation Registration Fees 2020 is divided into four parts as per the ICAI guidelines.

  1. The registration fee is the compulsory fee charged by the ICAI. It is Rs 9000 for Indian students.

  2. The next part is the prospectus. It is also compulsory for students and is given at the beginning of the course.

  3. The student’s journal is optional. For Rs. 200 ICAI gives you a one-year subscription to the student’s journal.

  4. For Rs. 400 you can get a one-year subscription to the member’s journal. ICAI has kept this optional for students.



Foundation Prospectus

Registration Fee

Student’s Journal (optional)

Member’s Journal (optional)

Indian Students

Rs 200

Rs. 9,000

Rs. 200

Rs. 400

Foreign Students

US $ 20

US $ 700

US $ 20

US $ 40


The total registration fees for CA Foundation is Rs. 9200, but you can pay additional Rs. 600 for the journals.


Note: If you are taking provisional registration in CA Foundation Course, the registration fees will be the same for you.


The CA Course Registration process is completely online. So the CA Foundation registration fee is to be paid through online mode (Debit card, credit card, NET banking, other payment method mentioned by ICAI). While you are making the fee payment for CA Foundation registration, more guidelines are given, which will help you understand the payment methods.

Renewal Fee of CA Foundation Registration

The registration of CA Foundation is valid for three years. So you get six attempts (two attempts each year) for the CA Foundation Exams. If your registration expires and you want to give the CA Foundation Exam, you need to renew your registration by paying Rs 300 to ICAI. Your registration will be renewed for another three years. The registration renewal process can be done through the SSL portal of ICAI.


Concessions in CA Registration Fees

ICAI has allowed 75% concession in the CA Registration Fees for all levels. The below table shows the new registration amount after applying for the concession.



Registration Fees


Registration Fees to be Paid

CA Foundation

Rs. 9000

Rs. 6750

Rs. 2250

CA Intermediate

Rs. 18000

Rs. 13500

Rs. 4500

CA Final

Rs. 22000

Rs. 16500

Rs. 5500


  1. This 75% fee concession is only applicable to the students who are from the selected states and areas.

  2. Under this concession scheme, the areas covered are newly formed territories of J&K, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura.

  3. You can use the 75% concession in your registration fees till 31st March 2022.

  4. This concession is only applicable for the registration fees amount, not the other prospectus and journals’ charges.

  5. If you want to apply for this concession in the CA registration fees, then you will have to submit an ID proof and the domicile certificate/permanent resident certificate.



There are other relaxations provided in the CA course registration fees for specially-abled people. You can see the sub-categories on the ICAI website. ICAI also has some scholarship schemes running for the students. The information is available on ICAI.


FAQs- CA Registration Fees (Foundation Course)

Q1. What is the CA registration fee?

Ans. The registration fee for CA Course is as follows:

CA Foundation- Rs. 9,000

CA Intermediate- Rs 18,000

CA Final- Rs 22,000


Q2. What are additional fees charged with the CA Foundation Registration fees?

Ans. You have to pay for the prospectus with the CA Foundation registration. Student’s journal and member’s journal fees are optional.


Q3. Till when can I register for the May 2021 CA Foundation Exam?

Ans. The last date for CA Foundation registration for the May 2021 attempt is 1st January 2020.


Q4. Is the CA Registration Fees of the Foundation course refundable?

Ans. No, there is no refund policy for the CA Foundation Registration Fees. But if the payment is made twice or multiple times due to technical issues, then the amount will be refunded within 21 days after the last date of registration. You should send an email with the proof of double payment to ICAI if you do not receive the refund.


Q5. Do I need to register for the CA Foundation course for every attempt?

Ans. No. You have six attempts in the CA Foundation course for every registration. After three years (6 attempts), you can revalidate your registration with a nominal requisite fee.


We hope this article provides all the necessary information. Bookmark this article or take screenshots if you think you’ll need this information again. For more detailed information on CA Registration Fees, visit the link provided in this article.

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