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Learn How to Merge PST Files Instantly and Safely

We all know that the PST file is supported by Microsoft Outlook. Also, the MS email client is one of the most popular email clients used worldwide. Microsoft Outlook offers user-centric features, a great work experience, and the latest security enhancements. An Outlook Data File (PST) contains all mailbox data and attributes such as emails, contacts, and calendars. Microsoft’s Outlook has excellent connectivity with other advanced technologies. First, Outlook creates a PST file (an acronym for Personal Storage Table) to store the user’s data. Here’s how to merge PST files.


Manual method to merge the Outlook PST files

For the manual merging of the Outlook PST files, a user has to follow any of the below-provided methods. Let us have a look at these methods of merging.

  • Create a New PST File
  • Open your Outlook application.
  • Click New Items.
  • Select More Items.
  • Now select Outlook Data File.
  • Next, select a location to save the new PST file.
  • Also name the file and click OK.

Method 1- Using the Drag and Drop options

  • Go to the File tab
  • Then click Open and then click Outlook Data File
  • Select the Outlook PST file you want to open and click the OK button
  • Multiple PST files Repeat these steps for the files you want to combine
  • Then change the Navigation Pane to Mail or Folder View to access the PST file you just mounted in MS Outlook.
  • The folder list button is at the bottom left of the Outlook UI name
  • Now you can easily move your Outlook content between PST files by dragging and dropping or by selecting the content, right-clicking, and selecting the Move to option.
  • Then navigate to the destination and click the OK button. Content is deleted from the source PST and rewritten to the destination folder.

Method 2- Using the Import and Export Feature

  • Open MS Outlook and create a new Outlook data file
  • Click New Items >> More Items and then click Outlook Data File
  • Name the new Outlook data file of your choice and click OK
  • A new Outlook data (.pst) file appears in the navigation pane.
  • Then click on the File tab and then on Open >> Import
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file from the list and click Next to continue
  • Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) file type and click Next to continue
  • Then, in the Import Outlook Data File window, select the PST file you want to export
  • Now locate the file you want to import, check the Don’t import duplicates option, and press Next
  • Select the folder you want to import and check the Include subfolders and Import items in the same folder in the boxes
  • Finally, click Finish to start the process and wait for the process to complete
  • These are the manual method following which a user can merge their Outlook PST files.

Complications faced by the manual method

Here are some of the complications that are discussed that are faced by the users while carrying out the manual procedure of merging.

  • Data loss complications
  • Quality issues
  • Cannot be merged immediately
  • Users cannot merge large numbers of Outlook PST files at once
  • Difficult to follow beginner or layman steps

The Merge PST tool

This advanced Softaken PST merge application allows users to track the process of merging PST files reliably and conveniently. An app is an advanced tool that can be used by all users without data loss. Users without errors can merge PST files. Moreover, any user can combine PST files using this advanced app. This PST merge tool makes the merge procedure easy for all users. Let’s take a look at the merging procedure.

Merge PST application. The application has been tested by a variety of highly qualified professionals. Also, the tool removes the duplicates from the added PST file.

This amazing PST merge makes it easy and efficient for users to merge Outlook PST files. This application helps users perform useful application merges. Non-disability users can get satisfactory results every time they select the Outlook PST file to merge. This application is an independent tool available to all users. In addition, because it is a highly compatible application, users can use this tool on any Windows operating system, from old to new. With full security, all Outlook PST files will be merged by this tool. Before merging Outlook files, the application scans the files thoroughly, so files with corrupted data will not be merged by this tool. The app provides a nice graphical user interface so users can complete the merge task without any technical support. Therefore, even novice users can use this wonderful application without any technical guidance.

Working on the tool

To merge PST files using this advanced solution, users need to follow the steps below. These steps can be easily performed by any user.

  • Open the PST merge application.
  • Add PST files to merge.
  • Add the size of the PST files and the PST files will be merged
  • Finally click the Generate button.

These steps can be followed by any user. Users can have a look at the screenshots that are provided by this advanced solution.

Reasons to select the app

There are many reasons for a user to select the advanced Merge PST app. Let us have a look at the reasons:

  • The application provides an accurate result
  • An instant merging of the PST files takes place
  • Provides a convenient platform for every single user
  • A reliable method for merging the PST files
  • The integrity of the files is maintained as it is
  • No error is faced by a user while following the merging process

Some advanced features provided

Let us have a look at the features that are provided by the advanced Merge PST tool for a convenient merging of the PST files;

  1. Different options- The app provides the users with various options for merging the PST file. A user can merge their PST files using the file or folder mode. This helps users for convenient merging of the PST files.
  2. Selective merging- A user can merge their PST files selectively. Following this, a user can merge any amount of single or multiple PST files at a single time.
  3. Combining password-protected PST files- Things get complicated when users need to combine password-protected Outlook PST files. User can merge their PST files without any kind of hurdle.
  4. Properties are kept as it is- The application preserves the hierarchy of the files as it is. The properties are kept as it is by the app.
  5. Preserve Folder Hierarchy- Merge PST Files without Duplicates. The software is designed with advanced features. What’s more, this program maintains data integrity and folder hierarchy of Outlook files while merging Outlook .pst files into one.
  6. Supports both languages- This advanced Merge PST app this advanced app supports the merging of both ANSI as well as UNICODE language PST files.

These are some of the advanced features that are provided by the app.

Final Words

The blog provides information about the merging of PST files. A user can merge their PST files while following the professional or the manual method for the merging process. It is all up to the users to select their choice method for carrying out the merging of the PST files.

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