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Learn How to Win Big at the Casino

Beginner gamblers often enter casinos without a roadmap or any sense of direction. That’s exactly what the casino banks on, because it makes it all too easy to whisk away your hard-earned cash.

Casino games involving real money are founded on elementary mathematics. They are strategically designed to ensure the house has the upper hand over the long haul. When novices throw caution to the wind and ignore casino strategy, they inadvertently fatten the casino’s edge.

The right casino strategy can actually tip the scales against the house. Card counting is a league above what a novice may be comfortable with, yet an adept card counter’s edge can truly play to their advantage.

Before you dive into advanced gambling strategies, it’s crucial to lock down the best beginner strategies for your casino escapades.

Life’s missteps often provide the most enlightening lessons, so don’t sweat it if you stumble initially in your gaming journey. It’s all part of the learning curve. However, by adhering to our helpful guide on casino strategies, you may find the path to online casino success, or in your cherished land-based venues, a lot smoother.

How to Win at the Casino

Let’s face it: the underlying reason we gamble is with the hopes of winning big at the casino. However, for many players, victory can seem elusive, especially if you’re a newcomer. The aim of this casino strategy guide is to position you for success by minimizing the house edge, highlighting the best bets, and teaching you how to manage your finances.

But, before you put your casino strategy into action, ensure you’re in the right state of mind. In other words, if you’re agitated, upset, or under the influence of alcohol, think about gambling only when you’re feeling your best.

Furthermore, make sure your wallet is primed for gambling. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. With that in mind, let’s delve into the meat and potatoes of this guide.

Remember, you can pick just one of these casino strategies or combine a few to forge your own path to casino greatness.

1. Bet a Small Percentage of Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is the cornerstone of casino strategy. If you’re not planning to follow a bankroll management strategy, you might as well not bother playing real money games online.

Gamblers who don’t manage their funds wisely in the casino are like best friends to the establishment. That’s why we advocate so strongly for responsible bankroll management.

In sports betting, for instance, players should only bet around 1% to 3% of their bankroll per wager. The same system applies to casino games.

For table games, we suggest betting 3% of your roll per wager. If you’re up for blackjack, roulette, craps, and so forth, you should have a bankroll of about $170,00.

The 3% rule ensures you can weather the volatility of the game. There will be ups and downs. You must have the right bankroll to ride the waves.

2. Play Games with the Lowest House Edge

One of the worst moves casino novices can make is to rush up and sit down at a game that has a poor house edge. Most newbies are lured by the flashy lights of slot machines. Slots might be fun, but they don’t belong in the best casino strategy guide for beginners.

Slot machines come with a high house edge; some real money slots reach up to 15%. That’s no recipe for casino success.

Other games with a higher house advantage include both live and online Keno, as well as the Big Six Wheel. These are lousy bets with zero strategy involved. Sic Bo—a popular Asian table game online—should also be avoided.

For those who want to dive deeper into the world of casino gaming strategy, or are seeking a trusted place to test their newfound knowledge, I highly recommend checking out Online Casino Guide, where you’ll find comprehensive reviews and insights. Equip yourself with the wisdom and tools to take on the casinos with confidence!

Discover the Best Tables and Machines for Optimal Rules

Once you’ve honed in on casino games that offer the slimmest edge to the house, it’s crucial to find the tables that provide the most favorable rules.

This is particularly pivotal when it comes to blackjack tables. The rules can vary significantly from one table to the next. Typically, if you’re a newbie, whether you’re meeting face-to-face or aiming to indulge in online blackjack, scout for tables where blackjack pays out at 3:2.

The fewer decks in play, the lower the house edge will be for the player. Hitting a blackjack game with a single or double deck paying out 3:2 is akin to striking gold in the gambling realm.

Do your utmost to sidestep 6:5 blackjack whenever possible. These games are often paired with a six- or eight-deck shoe, setting a trap for the unwary beginners.

Should you not locate a 3:2 blackjack game, consider playing Spanish 21 or Blackjack Switch instead. Even Double Exposure Blackjack is a better bet than the 6:5 variant.

Avoid the Peril of Triple-Zero Roulette

For roulette players, one of the best strategies is to eschew double-zero (American) roulette and steer clear of the treacherous triple-zero wheels. If your desire is to play roulette, either online or in person, single-zero (European) roulette offers the most player-friendly rules and the best odds, as the roulette wheel features only one green zero.

Video Poker with the Most Lucrative Pay Tables

Finally, video poker enthusiasts should be on the lookout for machines with the most advantageous pay tables. You’ll find the pay tables on the machine, directly above where the cards are dealt. The prime pay table for Jacks or Better is a 9/6 game, followed by 9/5 and 8/5. This also involves seeking the best video poker app. Make sure the app also boasts the top-tier pay tables.

Employ Basic Blackjack Strategy and Cheat Sheets

There’s nothing against the rules about bringing a blackjack strategy card to the table. In fact, physical casinos will allow you to use a basic strategy card at the tables.

If you’re too timid to whip out a cheat sheet at a casino, there’s no pressure in online casinos. Keep the strategy guide handy or open in your browser as you play blackjack online.

Simply put, the card will inform you of the correct statistical play for hitting or standing. It also advises whether a player should double down or split.

While basic strategy won’t give the player an edge over the house, it ensures that you’re playing as close to the house edge as possible.

Blackjack has a stunningly low house advantage among casino games, placing you significantly ahead of most casino players. Playing without adhering to basic blackjack strategy significantly warps the odds in favor of the house.

Avoid Insurance and Side Bets in Blackjack at All Costs

Your casino strategy should not include taking insurance or making side bets at the blackjack table. Side bets, particularly those with jackpots, can be tempting. However, the odds suggest you should pass on all side bets and insurance.

Casinos don’t offer these additional betting options for your benefit. Much like with 6:5 blackjack tables, side bets are a boon to the house.

For bonus side bets, the house edge can climb over 2% if you opt to play them. Insurance can be an even worse proposition for blackjack players.

The house edge skyrockets to 7.5% if you choose insurance in an eight-deck blackjack game. The odds aren’t significantly better for single- and double-deck blackjack either.

Banker Bets in Baccarat: Your Best Bet

For those who are new to the casino floor and might shy away from baccarat because it’s not as ubiquitous as, say, slots or blackjack, I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Despite its depiction as a high-roller’s choice in James Bond flicks, baccarat is incredibly accessible and easily understood. It’s truly the epitome of casino games that are based on luck, not strategy, which is refreshing in a world where games like blackjack can be somewhat daunting with all their strategic demands.

When it comes to both personal and online baccarat, you’re essentially getting as close to a coin toss as possible within the casino setting. If you’re someone whose idea of a great casino strategy is not overthinking every move, baccarat could be your game.

Placing your chips on the “Banker” space is statistically the smartest move in baccarat, boasting a house edge of just 1.06%. The “Player” bet isn’t too shabby either, with a house advantage of 1.24%. But let me give you a piece of advice: never be tempted by the tie bet. It’s a sucker’s bet, plain and simple, with a house edge skyrocketing between 10% and 14.36%. For those craving more depth on these bets and odds, check out our handy baccarat strategy guide for a comprehensive breakdown.

Craps Bets: Stick to Pass/Don’t Pass Lines

If the craps table has ever come off as intimidating to rookie players, it’s largely because its layout seems like a complex web of bets. It can be a cacophony of sounds and a blur of activity that can appear overwhelming.

But here’s the lowdown: there are essentially just two bets that beginners should focus on when it comes to craps:

The Pass Line bet is arguably the most popular craps wager. If you hear uproarious cheers and commotion emanating from a craps table, chances are the crowd is riding the wave of a hot pass line. The house edge on this bet sits comfortably at 1.41%.

The “Don’t Pass” bet is essentially the antithesis of the Pass Line bet. While you might not make friends at the craps table with this wager—since most are hoping for the Pass Line to win—the odds are slightly in your favor with a house edge of 1.36%. Remember, the numbers don’t lie and they suggest the Don’t Pass bet is worth considering.

Avoid Exotic Craps Bets

The underlying strategy I’m championing here is steering clear of the exotic craps bets that pepper the table. Some of these wagers are outright terrible for the player.

Take the “Any Craps” bet, which carries a steep house edge of 11.11%. Hard ways bets on 4 and 10 share this lopsided disadvantage. Hard ways on 6 and 8? You’re looking at a house edge of 9.09%.

The absolute worst craps bets you can make include the 2, 12, and all hard hops (13.89% house advantage), and the Any Seven bet, which is a casino goldmine with a house edge of 16.67%. So, do yourself a favor and steer clear of these budget-busters.

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