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Learn to Download Music using Free Apps and Enjoy Loop YouTube Videos

There are Best Free Apps to Download Music

Many paid services now allow you to download music to your device. However, it is a must to know that there are best free apps to download music. They do not cost a penny and you can get it on your Android device for free.


This is an official-looking elegant music downloader app. It permits you to play an audio file that is a YouTube video and also allows you to run the video run on the background of your phone.

The real kicker is in the option to download in MP3 and M4A formats. It also offers the option to download videos, the same as you download the audio files. It has a library UI that allows you to manage the music files as you do in the music player app.

YMusic is the most convenient and reliable. It can be downloaded from the Play Store.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuperCloud is one of the best free apps to download musicHowever, this music download app cannot be found in the Google Play Store. Yes, you are right, it has the copyright thing a bit out of place.  Conversely, it has the best available music repositories in different tastes. You will find even underground Techno sets and mainstream pop music.

Technology advancement

With the advancement of technology, nothing comes alarmingly. Every day there is something new coming online. Especially with YouTube videos, unbelievable things are happening.

There may be times when you watch a YouTube thrilling video and enjoy repeated watching. This challenge is appropriately enjoyed when you know the way to loop YouTube videos so that you are seated comfortably, while the video goes automatically.

The loop a YouTube video is not the same with all the devices, whether it is your desktop, iPhone or  laptop. Besides, different types are playing again and over. This may be anything, yoga tutorials, a favorite sermon, or even a motivational speech.

How to Loop for Phone and Computer

loop YouTube videos

If you wish to watch your favorite video, you need not replay them. You can also stop the reverse button pressing to replay the video. Use the loop YouTube videos that need no software.

For Computer Users:

  • Open the app of YouTube on your laptop or computer and select the video to replay in the loop. Start enjoying the video.
  • As the video is playing, click right on the video and a suggestion box prompting action pops up. Click on the option ‘loop’ and it will replay the video.
  • To eliminate the autoplay embedded loop from YouTube, click the option of the loop and it is done.

For Phone Users:

  • Open YouTube video on phone using
  • Browse the video to set loops and play the YouTube video.
  • On the video top right corner, 3 dots appear on the menu. Scroll on clicking the dots to reach the option desktop site and select it.
  • Long-press the video playing for the video menu to open. Click the option ‘loop’ and it is set to replay.

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