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LG AC vs Voltas AC: Know the Right Choice Among these 2 Popular Brands

Are you looking to bring home a brand new air conditioner (AC) in India that can comfort you during the summer months and also save huge on power bills? 

If yes, then you may be confused about which one to buy owing to higher numbers of AC brands in India. Among so many brands in India, LG and Voltas are two of the most sought-after in India. 

Thus, if you are confused between LG and Voltas, then this post may help you choose the best one! Continue reading! 

Why should you buy Voltas ACs?

  • Voltas is a Tata Product, and its air conditioners are among the best in India. 
  • The company has already sold more than 1 million units in 2018-19, which is almost 20% of the total sales. 
  • Voltas is the oldest company in India, and it was set up in 1954 – only 7 years after India got independence. 
  • Voltas offers its customers a wide variety of ACs across segments like the window, split and inverter ACs for both residential as well as commercial prospects. 
  • The starting ranges of Voltas ACs are available at budget-friendly prices.    
  • Voltas ACs come with eco-friendly refrigerants and are capable of cooling even at 45 degrees and more.  
  • They are given higher BEE Ratings to help you save more on power bills. 
  • Voltas’ best inverter AC can help you save up to 25% on power bills. 

Why should you buy LG ACs?

  • LG is a known consumer electronics brand in India that has been operative for decades. It has made a niche for itself in the TV and other segments in India. 
  • Among so many items that the company sells, air conditioners are among the top. 
  • LG ACs are highly rated by customers over the years to provide them with efficient cooling even at higher temperatures without coughing up more power units. 
  • From split to the window to best inverter ACs, LG has a mix of all types that you can pick up as per your needs and budget. Talking of the budget, the starting price of an LG AC in India now begins at around Rs.23,000. 
  • It comes with the best cooling performance as well as maintenance assurance. 
  • The AC’s of LG are fitted with environment-friendly refrigerant so that it does not affect the Ozone layer. 
  • LG has the distinction of launching ACs with dual inverter technology in India. It is to help you enjoy cooling for longer hours and without worrying about paying bigger light bills.
  • LG is also launching a portable series of air conditioners so that you can enjoy cooling as per your convenience. 

LG and Voltas – Which one to go for?

Talking about the features and performance of air conditioners from both these brands, along with maintenance and after-sales services, both these brands are on par. Both these brands also have many models in multiple price buckets across AC variants in India. The market share of Voltas AC in India is around 22%. On the other hand, LG is ruling the roost with a 38% market share in the inverter AC category. Both LG and Volts are among the top 5 air conditioner companies in India. 

If you were looking to purchase an AC in India this summer, then you can choose among any of the models from Voltas and LG for best cooling and overall performance. You can also shop around their models on a third-party platform so that you can shortlist the best ones as per your budget and required features. This way, you may be able to figure out the best branded AC across any of these top companies in India.

However, if we talk about people’s review many of the most persons will suggest you to go for LG air conditioners first. In fact, if you will compare the LG Air conditioners with other brands like Godrej, from all still LG will be a better choice. The quality, brand LG electronic is providing is trusted by users across the globe. However, when you will move over the other brands like Hitachi and Daikin, the popularity of LG AC will be slightly lower.
So if you are looking to buy an AC this summer, it would be suggested to choose one accordingly on the basis of your requirement, budget, design, energy consumption and choice.
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