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LG versus Samsung TV: Which is best to choose?

Want to update your old tv but scared to see so many brands and models on the market? Also, you are well aware of the two brands which are most popular in today’s time. LG versus Samsung TV is buzzing everywhere & everyone has these two battle words on their tongue. But when you are about to purchase a new, fresh television to give your living room a new life. You may not have much time to search in depth about every brand that you see on the top list. 

What you are going to find here?

LG and Samsung are great rivalries, and it’s hard to choose one from them. It is the time when everyone is talking about a smart TV. Everyone is dreaming to bring home a smart TV.  But what does it mean for a TV to be smart? Well, a smart TV makes your TV connected to the internet. When you have a smart TV. It means your TV is not a normal television box anymore, but it can be connected to many other devices, either wired or wireless. You get a wide range of access to streaming services like Netflix, which means you are one step away from watching your favourite web series and movies. Smart LG and Samsung TVs open a big door to entering the high-tech world. 

LG versus Samsung TV: Which is best to choose?

LG versus Samsung TV: who is the winner? It is the most asked question that is heating up on the internet nowadays. So we are here to clear your misconception about both brands. Many people think that these both provide the same features and accessibility. But it is not true there is a lot of difference between both the brands. Now you will think about what you will get here. You will soon come to know which of these TV is best suited and accomplishes your needs. 

LG versus Samsung TV: An Overview

LG and Samsung are South Korean brands that are the top electronics manufacturing companies in the world. Both brands created a strong image in everyone’s heart, also with time, both came up with revolutionary features in their product. LG and Samsung offer a wide range of sizes & resolutions, which suits everyone from low to high fancy budgets. Globally both brands are regarded as the best option for selecting home electronic appliances. 


You will see that Samsung offers QLED displays, whereas LG provides OLED displays. LG and Samsung originated from the same nation, but LG was established much earlier. Who knew that the biggest rivalry between LG and Samsung would belong to the same land?  

OLED versus QLED

The main TV features of both the brands are OLED and QLED, so it is worth knowing the differences between the two brands.

LG versus Samsung TV: Which is best to choose?

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is the iconic premium feature of LG TV. Unlike the LED and QLED tv, OLED tv does not use a backlight. It means every OLED pixel produces its light. The main advantages of this OLED display are that it gives you wider viewing angles, faster response, thinner sets, and superb black level. LG manufactures the best 4K OLED and even sells the OLED panels to its sister companies. Currently, LG is the only OLED manufacturing company. Other companies use OLED panels by purchasing from LG, so thanks to LG, even when you are using Sony OLED TVs. 


Another term that is creating so much confusion in your head is QLED. QLED stands for quantum light emitting diode and is an advanced version of LED TV. What makes QLED different from regular LED is the usage of nanoparticles called Quantum dots. And this is the only reason behind the brightness and colour of QLED Samsung TVs. And this QLED TV uses a backlight.


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Tizen versus WebOS

Smart TV is very demanding in the market. Now, almost all television arrives with an in-built smart platform. Through which you can connect your smart TV with the available Wi-Fi. After connecting with the internet, you have access to many apps, streaming services, and browsing. LG and Samsung smart platforms are pretty much popular and considered the best in today’s time. 

About LG webOS

LG WebOS is popular for its versatile features that enhance the user experience and convenience. It has come with an in-built Google Assistant, which you can easily use with the remote. Also, you can sync the TV with the available smart devices at your home by just hitting on the button on the remote. LG WebOS offers a horizontal menu bar for streaming services, commonly used apps, and many more. Also, you have access to customize your favourite apps as per your priority. It has an easy user interface, and the remote works similarly to a mouse, so you just need to move the cursor to the TV screen for getting the desired result. In case you need to check other content while watching your favourite movies. So in such a situation, you can easily navigate to others without losing the previous content.

About Samsung Tizen

Samsung Tizen Operating system comes with almost the same layout as LG WebOS. Under this, you get many smart compatibilities as LG’s WebOS offer to its user. It also comes with a fast navigation feature quite similar to WebOS. But the number of supporting apps is less in comparison to LG WebOS. Also, the search algorithm is not as effective and impressive as the former.


So, it is clear that both come with their different flavour and provide you with great smart platforms, that prove your money’s worth spending. But if we need to choose one best among these two, then it is recommended to go for LG WebOS. As it is a solid operating system that gives you more smart features. 

Dolby Vision versus HDR 10+

These are video technologies that improve picture quality. HDR stands for high dynamic range, and currently, there are three widely used HDR formats available; these are HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. Among these three, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision are advanced HDR formats, and now many television supports these formats.


Samsung developed its HDR standard which is HDR 10+, which is pretty much similar to Dolby Vision. But Dolby Vision is better because it offers a colour gamut of 12 bits and 10000 nits. While on the other hand, HDR10+ is supported by Samsung. It can only offer a 10-bit colour gamut and 4000 nits. Another major difference between them is the compatibility with the streaming services. Amazon Prime Video supports HDR 10+ format, but the same format is not supported by Netflix.  However, Dolby’s vision is the most widely supported format. Therefore before choosing the one from LG and Samsung, it is worth focusing on the type of format that it supports and the streaming services you want. 


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Wrapping Up

Whether you choose an LG or a Samsung TV, surely, investing in any of these TVs would not at all make you regret it later. But if you want to deal with the most impressive picture quality, without contemplating the budget, then the LG OLED panel is a good choice to step ahead. On the other hand, Samsung TV can satisfy you with your low budget. Also, Samsung QLED will truly offer you higher pixel density which lights up your room. In the battle of LG versus Samsung TV who is the deserving winner according to you?


It is also recommended that no matter what brand you choose after all it all depends on your priority. But remember to deal with the product from a good, trusted dealer. Because, in case, anything wrong happens with your TV, a trusted dealer will take care of it as you do.

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