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Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Free Download6.2

Cockfighting is one the oldest , and the most well-known games, particularly in Asia. Fans of cockfighting may have a blast playing this Manok Na Pula game whenever they want. It’s a fun and entertaining game of chicken betting in which how cocks battle. Many different items are required with money to ensure that the game can run smoothly. Contrastingly Manok Napula Mod Apk is a game that allows unlimited money, eyes God Mode, chickens Free purchases, and maximum levels allow you to progress faster..

Therefore, download the most current Version of Manok Na Pula and start playing as a chicken in a chaotic world. The stunning 3D graphics and realistic physical physics make the game more enjoyable.

What Is Manok Na Pula Apk?

The action-based gaming video Manok Na Pula – Multiplayer is a contemporary improvement over traditional Cockfighting. It is certainly among TATAYA Games’ most popular action games. More than 5,000,000 downloads globally has made it a huge success. It’s a thrilling game where you compete against many players online and against chickens.

The game is full of interesting objects like Dragon Eyes, Magic powder Cash, Chickens, and Money. The game starts with a chicken battling in the fight for life with a chicken. Additionally, it provides instructions on how to take care of your pet as well as cycle food. To ensure that the game functions smoothly, you need to be able to pay the needs. In addition, Manok Na Pula Mod Apk MAX LEVEL FREE DOWNLOAD unlocks all offline features, and is free to use. Additionally With the Apk Mod version, you don’t have to look for the Manok NAP Tips or Tricks.

How To Play Manok Na Pula Game

It is a game where you take on as a farmer and must defend his property from a horde from hungry chickens. It is good to know that you aren’t the only one fighting this battle. The game will have three people take part in the game, each one controlling a farmer.

The secret to defeating chickens is to work as in a group, protecting resources and creating defenses. There are a variety of gameplay options available in this game as well as amazing 3D graphics and real physical physics. Therefore, gather your buddies and get ready for a chicken battle.

Features Of Manok Na Pula (Mod + Apk)

Its Manok Na Pula hack may be a surprise if you believe it’s similar to the standard version. A handful of the most amazing features are listed below.

Multiplayer Game Modes

The game Monak Na Pula Mod Apk god mode requires you to play two teams in cockfights , using the elements. The main goal is to stay alive until the very end. While fighting, make sure you avoid strong opponents. Therefore, you must defeat your adversaries and win for your team. In addition, a variety of game modes are accessible for multiplayer online gaming with family and friends. A variety of twists and turns await you.

Explore Different Maps

Maps can help players to find areas. Therefore, the game comes with various maps for various locations. The jungles of Mindanao are just the beginning map you can look at. There are numerous gorgeous mountains, rivers and streams within the area that gamers love. Additionally, the game offers numerous challenges to face in the Map.

Amazing Eggs Hatching Option

This Manok na pula mod Apk latest update offers an alternative for purchasing an aggressive fighting cock when you aren’t able to afford the money. You can purchase an egg and then hatch within 21 days at less. To breed strong fighting cocks it is necessary to apply monk na pula endless magic dust on the eggs for the next 21 days.

Unlock All Chicken

When you begin the game, you’ll see a huge amount of chickens. Each is distinct in its own manner. The free chickens available can be Samurai, Taguro, Alien and others. If you’d like more chickens, you have to purchase them from the original version of the game. Or, you can use using the Monak Na Pula mod apk allows you to unlock all chickens at once and you don’t need to buy chicken.

Manok Na Pula Mod Menu

There are a variety of things players should consider in order in order to be successful playing this game. This is why this Manok Na Pula cheat version allows you to access every item that are available, including dragon eyes, coins, money as well as free purchases and the maximum levels. It is possible to download the modified version immediately and play it.

Unlimited Dragon Eye

There are many advantages for this Monak Na Pula unlimited dragon eye, such as the possibility to upgrade your chicken’s performance to give it more capacity. Users can purchase this item using money from the original version, as it’s limited in size. However, the worries do not are present after downloading the updated version, which is the Monak Na Pula hack.

Unlimited Money & Everything

The game you download via Google Play Store Google Play Store does not provide access to the premium features. A certain amount of money to unlock all premium features is mandatory. Alternately, you can get and download Monal Na Pula Mod Apk unlimited from our site and enjoy unlimited coins, gems and all the other items you require to play the game.

Free Purchase & Unlimited Shopping

There are many difficulties and challenges as you advance throughout the course of play. The player has to defeat other chickens with a variety of things to overcome the tasks. Some of these items are weapons and power-ups, food items, armor, and so on.

In addition, these items permit players to earn bonus points as well as defeat other chickens. But, in order to buy the items listed above you will need funds. Therefore, Manok Na Pula mod Apk’s free purchases and shopping features will take away the requirement to spend actual cash.

No Ads & Virus

After a tiring morning at the office, we’ll want some entertainment on the internet, ads can be very distracting. The game of video or television is always accompanied by ads. This is why advertising is removed in games that have been modified so that players do not get targeted while playing games. Download the Monak Napula Mod Apk No ads or viruses and play the cockfighting action game.

Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk 2022 Max Level and Unlimited Everything

Manok Na Pula is an old game that has been redesigned to give players excitement and fun. If you’re interested in seeing the true appeal of this game you should try playing Manok Napula Mod Apk unlock all chickens and unlimitable cash. This means that you’ll become a fervent player and player. In addition, this game is available in both online and offline modes.

Both are extremely loved by the public. Additionally video game cockfights are more exciting than live cockfights once the players take to the field and begin fighting. So you should install the Manok Na Pula mod Apk Max level as well as the magic dust to build your own fighter cock.


Manok Na Pula Manok Na Pula MOD APK is an intriguing game in which you fight with chickens, and playing chicken. The players will find the game interesting and will enjoy it immensely. Additionally it is it is worth noting that the Manok Na Pula Mod Apk latest version is a completely free game that you can play without having to pay. It is a recreation of the old Cockfighting games with an updated 3D animation style.

So, anyone who wants to take part in cockfighting sports but isn’t able to do the same in person is able to do it on the internet. Install this game on you Android device to fulfill your desire to smack cockfight at any time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do you do you cheat Manok Na Pula? The download link to download the cheating version that is available for Monak Na Pula is above-given. If you’d like to experience this Monak Na Pula game with cheating, simply click the link provided above and download begins.

How can I Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk Unlimited dragon eye?
Its Monak Na Pula Mod Apk dragon eye and the level 1000 download link is provided above. For downloading and installing it to your computer, just click the link.

How can I achieve the dragon’s eye on Manok Na Pula?
You pay to purchase dragon eyes in the Monak Na Pula official game version. However, the modified version of the game provides unlimited dragon eyes, without the requirement of purchasing them.

How do I get the magical dust from Manok Na Pula?
The game Magic Dust is called magic powder. It’s required to accelerate the hatching process. It’s available in the shop for purchase using money. In contrast the cracked version the game allows you to use the ability to buy unlimited amounts of this game without the need to pay a cent.
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