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Marvel’s Avengers: Guide to Defeat Monica Rappaccini Boss

Marvel’s Avengers: Guide to Defeat Monica Rappaccini Boss

The recently launched Marvel’s Avenger has brought several villains in the game. This adventure-action game came up with M.O.D.O.K. and Monica Rappaccini. Marvel’s Avengers is the first game to feature Monica as supervillains. However, Monica is the right hand of M.O.D.O.K., so before the battle against M.O.D.O.K., players have to face off against Monica. After the introduction of Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers, she has to face off against Monica. Monica will be covered in a huge mech suit and inside a room filled with enormous amounts of gas.


Even though Monica appears at the early level of Marvel’s Avengers, her abilities are super effective. There will be three phases to fight against Monica, and in every phase, Monica will change her tactics and strategies. She attacks from every side, so you have to heal yourself when you have the chance. Here’s the proper guide to defeating Monica Rappaccini.

Prepare for the Battle

Monica appears at the early stage, so you may be on level 3 or 4 by the time Monica comes to fight. There are only a few upgrades that can be done on an early level, but if you use your upgrading points on the right upgrades like the “BulletStorm, it can help you a lot. The Bullet Storm is from the “Ranged Attack tree” that eliminate the drones early. However, if you have extra points to upgrade, you can invest it on “Back Alley Gambit” from the “Heavy Attack tree.” Using the Back Alley Gambit can help you put extra damage on your opponent, while you can perform a dodge.

On the other hand, ensure to equip a gear that you collected from the mission. Using the gear will provide an additional hit, and it will also make your punches more powerful. If you successfully acquire Cryo, make sure to upgrade this gear. If there’s any Cryo perk available, don’t forget to upgrade it.

Phase 1: Ground Slams and Jabs

The first phase is quite simple and straightforward. You simply have to hit Monica with punches and dodge her when she attacks. When you try to make space, she will jump on you, so the best thing you can do is keep close to her and smash her with combos. Her attacks will indicate you before hitting, so you can dodge her. She owns a ground attack that makes a huge red circle on the floor before hitting. You can easily parry this attack by grapple move, but try to dodge it if possible. After dodging, you can begin a combo move or use the Back Alley Gambit attack.

After you successfully drop ¼ health of Monica, she will create an electric explosion to disappear. Just stay away from the explosion and be ready with Bullet Storm to eliminate some drones. Your single charge move can eliminate every drone. After clearing the drones, Monica will return for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Cryo Shenanigans

The second phase is the hardest and longest phase of this battle. Monica will move around and perform ground slam attacks. She can make a Cryo A.O.E. drain your health and freeze you. At any cost, you have to stay away from the ice. Try to perform a range of attacks to hit Monica.

The charge attack of Monica will leave a Cryo tail behind, so try to dodge wide on the right or left side. If Monica gets to freeze you, her punches will kill you. The best thing you can do is use ranged attacks, and when she’s out of ice, use your combo moves.

After Monica leaves you, a small robot army will come along with over shields. In this condition, make sure to use Power Surge ability. Clear the robots quickly, and if you are low on health, you can use a finishing move on a weak enemy to recover a little health.

Phase 3: Bring the Heat

Monica will return for the 3rd phase, but this time she will be covered in fire. The third phase is slightly easier from the second phase because now there’s no ice to freeze you. However, the fire will confuse you a bit. It is difficult to look at the red circle because flames also have a similar color. Be careful when Monica is about to attack. You will see a small red circle on her chest before she’s about to attack.

She will leave the ground full of flames, but you will be safe as long as you are away from the blast. She will release multiple fire blasts one after another. However, the only thing you need to do is dodge those blasts and begin your combo attacks on her. If you have a Back Alley Gambit move, just use it to finish the battle.


Black Widow has multiple amazing moves. However, some of the moves take time to unlock. While battling with Monica, players usually have 3 or 4 special attacks. The special attacks and combo moves can easily finish the battle if upgraded correctly.

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